All ascension, forte materials needed for Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves

jinhsi wuthering waves

Whether players already have her or are still aiming to get her from the Convene, it is never a bad thing to start prepping and farming for Jinhsi’s ascension and forte materials.

The newest member of the Wuthering Waves roster is turning heads with her moves, design, and impressive attack animations. Plus, she is also expected to deal massive burst damage with her kit, making her a must-have damage dealer in the current meta. But before diving into all that, it’s important to focus on gathering her ascension and forte materials to fully unleash her potential.

Gathering all her materials may be a bit tedious and expensive. It’ll be worth it though, especially if players want her to dominate and carry the party into the endgame. With that said, here’s a guide to every Jinhsi ascension and forte material and where to get them in Wuthering Waves.

All ascension materials needed for Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves

In order to reach level 80, Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves requires 170,000 Shell Credits, 60 Gloom Slough, 46 Elegy Tacet Cores, 4 LF Howler Core, 12 MF Howler Core, 12 HF Howler Core and 4 FF Howler. 

To hit her maximum ascension level, players must ascend Jinhsi six times. Here are all of the materials needed to max Jinhsi’s ascension rank:

  • Ascension Rank 1: 5,000 Shell Credits, 4 LF Howler Core
  • Ascension Rank 2: 10,000 Shell Credits, 4 Gloom Slough, 3 Elegy Tacet Core, 4 MF Howler Core
  • Ascension Rank 3: 15,000 Shell Credits, 8 Gloom Slough, 6 Elegy Tacet Core, 8 MF Howler Core
  • Ascension Rank 4: 20,000 Shell Credits, 12 Gloom Slough, 9 Elegy Tacet Core, 4 HF Howler Core
  • Ascension Rank 5: 40,000 Shell Credits, 16 Gloom Slough, 12 Elegy Tacet Core, 8 HF Howler Core
  • Ascension Rank 6:  80,000 Shell Credits, 20 Gloom Slough, 16 Elegy Tacet Core, 4 FF Howler Core

Upgrading resonators is pricy. Luckily, Shell Credits are practically everywhere. The currency can be obtained from quests, exploration, mail rewards, events, and simulation training.

Meanwhile, players looking to get their hands on Gloom Slough can teleport to Giant Banyan, Forbidden Forest, Shade Ridge, and East of Central Plains. Thankfully, Gloom Slough glows in the dark, making it easy to spot in the dark. Do note that it’s often found attached to trees or roots. 

Elegy Tacet Core, on the other hand, is dropped by the Mourning Aix boss found at the southernmost part of the map in Whining Aix’s Mire region. It is rather expensive, as each run takes 60 Waveplates.

For the final component of Jinhsi’s ascension materials, four tiers of Howler Cores are needed; LF, MF, HF, and FF. Fortunately for Jinhsi mains, Echoes scattered across the map drop this material and can be tracked through the Echo Gallery. The Synthesizer can also convert Howler Cores from lower to higher tiers which may save players some time and not have to worry about the weekly reset

jinhsi wuthering waves

All materials needed to max Jinhsi forte

To level up Jinhsi’s forte, players will need ascension materials such as Shell Credits and Howler Cores alongside Waveworn Residue and Sentinel’s Daggers.

For any main DPS in Wuthering Waves, Jinhsi or otherwise, it’s smart to invest materials in their forte, particularly her Forte Circuit and Resonance Liberation. The more players invest, the more damage she ultimately deals.

Here are all the materials Jinhsi needs for her forte ascensions: 

  • 25 LF Howler Core
  • 28 MF Howler Core
  • 40 HF Howler Core
  • 57 FF Howler Core
  • 26 Sentinel’s Dagger
  • 25 Waveworn Residue 210
  • 28 Waveworn Residue 226
  • 55 Waveworn Residue 235
  • 67 Waveeworn Residue 239

All types of Waveworn Residue come from the Forgery Challenge: Eroded Ruins, southeast of Tiger’s Maw Mine. Increasing Sol-3 Phase allows fans to enjoy more and better drops. For easier farming, players can use low-tier Waveworn Residues to create higher rarity ones with the Synthesizer.

Moving on to the last material on the list, Sentinel’s Dagger is another development material that one can only obtain from the weekly challenge. With that said, players may only redeem the drops upon completing it once a week. To obtain this, Sentinel Jue must first be defeated and players must spend 60 waveplates to redeem the rewards. 

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