Here’s Wuthering Waves’ weekly reset day, time, and to-do checklist

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Wuthering Waves keeps players in check with its weekly reset and knowing how to deal with it and what day and time it happens is a key to success in the game.

As a free-to-play game, Wuthering Waves looks to ensure players come back consistently. A major part of this is stopping players from advancing through the game quickly, putting a cap on how many Resonators can be built every week with limited weekly drops. Alongside this are limits on certain activities.

While it can feel stifling when trying to upgrade Resonators, the weekly reset has its perks. Weekly bosses and events are a major reason to keep coming back.. Wuthering Waves is no different, so it’s important to know when the weekly reset happens and how to optimize around it.

What time is the Wuthering Waves weekly reset?

The Wuthering Waves weekly reset happens at 4 am local time in most regions. Things do work a bit differently in North America, however.

While many other games of this nature have the weekly reset happen at the same time worldwide, that’s not he case here. However, there are some nuances in certain markets.

All of North America resets at the same time, without any regard to time zones. In the United States and Canada, the Wuthering Waves weekly reset happens at 4 am ET, 3 am CT and 1 am PT. However, for players in other areas of the world, reset happens around 4 am their time. 
Wuthering Waves’ daily reset happen at the same time as its weekly resets, albeit on a daily basis. Night owls may want to know this in case they’re up late, or early, trying to farm resources.

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Wuthering Waves weekly farming and event checklist

Weekly bosses and Pioneer Podcast highlights are among the biggest things to take care of before resets, and doing so is very important for progressing in Wuthering Waves. At least, it’s important for doing so without spending in the shop.

Here are the things you should do before each weekly reset:

  • Defeat three major bosses
  • Complete Pioneer Podcast highlights
  • Farm Echoes
  • Double-check shop inventory

Currently, there are three major bosses in Wuthering Waves; Chaotic Juncture: Ember; Statue of the Crownless: Heart; and Bell-Borne Geochelone. These bosses drop materials to upgrade Resonator Fortes, along with a large amount of experience and some minor materials. However, these rewards can only be claimed three times each week. 

There’s also the enhanced drop rate, which is a weekly boost to Level Four Echoes. For the first 15 times players defeat them, there’s a higher chance for players to get a better Echo drop. 

The Pioneer Podcast is full of tasks that all can be done weekly. When looking at the Podcast quests, there’s an option for weekly highlights. These include things like absorbing Echoes, doing Tacet Fields, and spending money. These all give significant Podcast experience, which goes towards finishing Wuthering Waves’ battlepass but players are best served completing missions before the weekly reset. This is great for both the free and paid version of the Pioneer Podcast.

Finally, players ought to double-check the shop. The rotation of bundles and banners is also included in the weekly reset. It’s worth taking a second look before a new rotation of items gets brought in.

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