Here’s why there’s suddenly drama between xQc and MrBeast

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James “MrBeast” Donaldson’s next YouTube video will feature some of the biggest content creators in the world, but it’s missing the former king of Twitch and Kick’s most expensive streamer, Felix “xQc” Lengyel.

MrBeast has earned the title of the most-subscribed YouTuber with his unique and over-the-top content. His videos have made both good and bad headlines, whether it’s paying strangers to live together or paying for surgeries to fix peoples’ blindness. He’ll often rope in other high-profile YouTubers and Twitch streamers, but on June 6 he revealed what might be his biggest collab ever.

MrBeast revealed a list of almost 50 content creators who he’ll partner with for a video. The lineup includes the likes of Kai Cenat, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren, Ibai “Ibai” Garatea, and many more. There’s a surprising omission from that list, though.

There’s drama between MrBeast and xQc over collab snub

xQc voiced frustration over being left out of a major collab video organized by MrBeast that included many of the biggest YouTubers and Twitch streamers

The former Overwatch League pro ought to come up when discussing the biggest content creators. So when MrBeast posted the star-studded picture without him, fans asked what happened on xQc’s stream. According to xQc, he wasn’t invited at all.

“‘Did you get invited to the MrBeast video?’ I did not. No problem, I don’t give a f—…I heard a quote the other day from a guy. I think his name is Duke, and he said, ‘If you weren’t invited, don’t ask to go.’ Chat, don’t ask to go,” xQc said.

xQc has established himself as a prominent figure in the streaming world through his esports bona fides, Grand Theft Auto roleplay streams, gambling content, and occasional hot takes. That allowed him to amass a massive following, which set him up to become possibly the highest-paid streamer, reportedly signing a deal with Kick for $100 million.

He says he has no issue with not being invited, but his fans are a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, xQc plans to watch MrBeast’s event on July 13, when it releases.

MrBeast’s full list of collab partners includes Kai Cenat, Ludwig, and many more

The full lineup of content creators partnering with MrBeast for his July 13 video includes a who’s who of streamers and YouTuber personalities.

The top streamers from both YouTube and Twitch are set to appear with Ludwig appearing right after his Fast50 event and Kai Cenat still recovering from his Elden Ring marathon. Alongside them are a variety of other names including chess streamers Andrea and Alexandra Botez, story-time YouTuber Jaiden “Jaiden Animations” Dittfach and many others. Here’s the full lineup:

All the content creators in MrBeast’s video
JesserVikkStarFaZe RugDeestroying
CarryMinatiMark RoberSketchNil Oieda
AJ ShabeelSam & ColbyValkyraeJacksfilms
AmineFedeChunkzRyan Trahan
Kai CenatMarques BrownleeMichelle KhareLexi
KSIJschlattNick DigiovanniJaiden Animations
Logan PaulQuackitySpritederOssy
LudwigThe Botez SistersSushi RamenBella Poarch
PokimaneNikoKwaktubeMichael Reeves

Among the most surprising names are WWE wrestler and YouTuber Logan Paul and Matt “MatPat” Patrick. Logan Paul snuck in his appearance among regular appearances on WWE programming, while MatPat emerges after his retirement in March.

As for what these streamers are doing, it remains unknown. The only thing that’s certain is that xQc definitely won’t be part of this MrBeast video.

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Written by Fariha Bhatti

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