Here’s how much Ludwig’s Fast50 charity speedrun event made

Ludwig in Fast50 event

Ludwig Ahgren’s Fast50 speedrun event has concluded, and fans celebrated a major success for the streamer.

When it comes to big numbers at big events, Ludwig has plenty of experience. Many would argue Ludwig’s claim to fame began with his impressive world record for button-mashing in Mario Party 4. Since then, Ahgren has made it a staple of his brand to have grand events.

In 2020, Ahgren held multiple competitive events, from fast-paced Pokemon battles to amateur chess tournaments. These tournaments raised Ludwig’s stock even further. It all culminated with the streamer reaching over one million followers each on YouTube and Twitch. He continues to run massive gaming events, but took a different approach with Fast50.

What is Ludwig’s Fast50 event?

Fast50 is a speedrunning event hosted by Ludwig to celebrate his sixth streaming anniversary.

Under his company Offbrand, Ludwig held the Fast50 event, a charity stream dedicated to the art of speedrunning video games. Fast50 includes many notable names, casual influencers, and pro speedrunners alike.

Notable names include Charles “MoistCr1tiKaL” White, Jacob “Alpharad” Rabon, and the recently retired Jeremy “Jerma” Elbertson. All are regular associates of Ludwig. The event lasted from May 31 to June 2, and all proceeds are set to go to Wings for Life’s spinal cord research and No Kid Hungry’s goa of ending hunger in Africa. True to his reputation for big numbers, Ludwig and his team raised quite a lot of money for charity. 

How much money did Ludwig’s Fast50 event raise?

Fast50 raised over $250,000 combined for Wings for Life and No Kid Hunger.

The event accomplished this feat in just over 50 hours, and it unsurprisingly meant the event was a massive success for all involved. Ludwig thanked his fans and collaborators for the event’s success. 

Notably, Ludwig teased a Fast 100 event for next year, and if previous records are anything to go by, Ludwig may want to beat this year’s charity record. Whether Fast 100 happens or not, there’s no denying his millions of followers will support his event. 

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