MrBeast vs T-Series has begun, but can the YouTuber actually win?

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MrBeast is gaining ground in the race to 300 million subscribers, closing in on T-Series to claim the top spot on YouTube.

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg vs T-Series was a cultural touchstone. While PewDiePie didn’t win the battle against the Indian media giant, the whole event became a gold mine of memes. History is now repeating itself as the biggest YouTuber of today, MrBeast, battles T-Series for the title of the most-subscribed YouTube channel. He may have a shot at winning.

T-Series is an Indian music label that has accumulated 266 million subscribers by posting movie trailers and song videos. Conversely, MrBeast is an individual creator with a much smaller team and rose to fame by posting challenges and real-life content. Both channels enjoy ever-growing subscriber counts, but MrBeast is growing at a rate that may let him take the top spot.

Can MrBeast beat T-Series?

MrBeast’s subscriber count is growing at a rate that could see him beat T-Series’ following on the platform. MrBeast is less than 1 million subscribers behind T-Series’ subscriber count.

As of April 23, 2024, MrBeast trailed T-Series by 10 million subscribers, with the record label boasting 264 million subscribers. But the month of May 2024 saw MrBeast gain over 10 million new followers. T-Series only gained 2 million during that time.

If the follower count keeps the same pace, MrBeast should breeze past T-Series within months, becoming the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. This would be a huge feat considering T-Series is India’s largest musical label with content in different languages.

MrBeast has long been the biggest YouTuber, but not the biggest YouTube channel

MrBeast has been the biggest YouTuber since surpassing PewDiePie’s subscriber count in November 2022. However, neither man was the biggest YouTube channel, as media companies T-Series and Sony Entertainment Television India long had the two most-subscribed channels.

MrBeast has discussed the divide between corporate channels and YouTubers in the past.

“I do think it’s nice, a bit of symbolism that a creator is the most subscribed-to channel. Not knocking on [T-Series], but they are a corporation with probably a thousand times more employees than me,” MrBeast said in an interview.

T-Series may appear nonchalant, but MrBeast has been diligently monitoring the subscriber count. On May 17, when the content creator reached 258 million subscribers, the latter extended a friendly challenge to T-Series CEO Bhushan Kumar to a boxing match. While T-Series remains quiet on the matter, the company is likely aware of this race. 

Earlier in April, T-Series hid MrBeast’s comments on one of its posts on X, in which he urged fans to subscribe to him instead.

This small gesture confirms that T-Series may not be publicly engaging in the battle, but both sides are vying for the number one spot. For now, MrBeast has a slight edge, but realistically, it is unlikely that he will maintain the top position for a long time.

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Written by Fariha Bhatti

Fariha is a content writer who grew up playing such games as Metal Slug and King of Fighters. She briefly ended up in the corporate world before finding her way back to gaming. With bylines at WIN, PCGN, and One Esports, Fariha can talk all day about FPS games, especially Valorant. She has a degree in criminology and a problematic spending habit when it comes to CS2 skins. She can be followed on Twitter / X at @Frizbyx.

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