JoshOG announces the death of his mother, here’s what happened

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Streamer Josh “JoshOG” Beaver announced on Twitter that his mother, Cynthia Gobble, is dead after what investigators state was a murder-suicide.

The streaming world was stunned on June 1 when the streamer posted about the news. After stating that he, his wife, and their child were safe, he delivered the news alongside local reporting on the situation. According to JoshOG and investigators, his mother was kidnapped and murdered by her estranged husband. She was 60 years old.

On May 31, JoshOG stated he was dealing with a family emergency and was unsure when he would return. On June 1 he stated that the ordeal “seems like a nightmare.”

What happened to JoshOG’s mother?

JoshOG’s mother was found dead from gunshot wounds on May 31, 2024. She was missing for two days prior to this.

Per Fox 8, Cynthia Gobble’s family members asked police to perform a wellness check on May 29 after being unable to contact her.

According to investigators, police went to her home and were unable to find her. They discovered evidence that something was amiss. After investigating places that she was known to frequent and attempting to contact her electronically.

During this process, police reached out to her husband, Greg Gobble. Gobble was in the middle of a divorce from Cynthia. Gobble’s vehicle was not at his home but investigators state that he was known to have driven it that day. On May 30, a missing persons alert for Cynthia Gobble was issued and suggested she was in danger. It asked citizens to be on the lookout for Greg Gobble and his vehicle.

On May 31 at 10 pm, police were alerted to two dead bodies. According to investigators, Cynthia Gobble had been kidnapped and shot to death by her estranged husband. They believe that after killing her, he shot himself to death.

Streamers and content creators extend condolences to JoshOG

After JoshOG announced his mother’s death on social media, he was met with sympathies from a long list of content creators and figures in the industry.

Numerous Twitch streamers reached out with condolences including Nick “NickMercs” Kolcheff and John “Tectone” Robertson. Alongside them were hundreds more fans of JoshOG.

JoshOG did not announce any definitive plans moving forward. Fans can expect him to be off-camera and away from his keyboard as he attends to his family.

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