Elden Ring DLC: Every Furnace Golem, reward, and how to cheese

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One of the signature enemies for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is Furnace Golems and while they seem intimidating, a helpful cheese can help players get all the rewards from beating them.

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduced several new bosses and enemies for players to test their skills against. The first one to appear in the Land of Shadows is the Furnace Golem. This tanky monstrosity hits hard while having the health to eat loads of attacks without sustaining significant damage.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way players can cheese Furnace Golems to acquire the excellent rewards they give when defeated. All the method requires are a couple of Hefty Pots. With that, Elden Ring players can quickly beat the Furnace Golem.

Furnace Golem in Elden Ring

How to beat and cheese Furnace Golems in Elden Ring DLC

Players are meant to beat the Furnace Golems in the Elden Ring DLC by striking their legs to stagger them, than delivering a critical hit to their face. Because of the Furnace Golem’s massive stature, most players defeat this enemy by chopping at its foot until it eventually falls, allowing players to land a visceral attack.

However, most Golems also have a cliff or similar location that players can climb to get enough altitude to see the top of the furnace enemy’s head. This is the method for a cheese victory over the Furnace Golem. The cheese strategy for beating Furnace Golems quickly and easily is throwing three Hefty Furnace Pots inside the enemy’s top opening.

Standing above a golem in Elden Ring

After gaining enough altitude and luring the Furnace Golem right below the player, it’s time to equip and throw the Hefty Furnace Pots inside the Golem’s furnace. Perfectly throwing three pots inside the Furnace Golem’s furnace will instantly kill it, allowing players to obtain the rewards without endlessly slashing the extremely tanky enemy or ragequitting because of the difficulty.

Rewards for beating each Furnace Golem in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Beating Furnace Golems in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree rewards players with DLC-exclusive Crystal Tears for crafting Wondrous Physicks.

Furnace Golems fill the same niche in the Elden Ring DLC that Erdtree Avatars do in the main game. Much like minor Erdtrees, Furnace Golems can be spotted from a great distance and reward the player with a new option when mixing Wondrous Physicks.

Below is a list of every Crystal Tear that players can acquire by defeating Furnace Golems.

  • Gravesite Plain Scorched Ruins– Deflecting Hardtear (strengthens spontaneous guards and guard counters)
  • Scadu Altus Highroad– Crimsonburst Dried Tear (temporary HP regen for nearby allies)
  • Scadu Atlus Church District– Cerulean-Sapping Cracked Tear (attacks restore FP)
  • Ancient Ruins of Rauh– Crimson-Sapping Cracked Tear (attacks restore HP)
  • Cerulean Coast– Viridian Hidden Tear (Eliminates all stamina consumption)
  • Charo’s Hidden Grave– Glovewort Crystal Tear (increases damage by summoned spirits)
  • Ruins of Unte– Oil-Soaked Tear (Coats nearby enemies with oil)
  • Ruins of Unte– Bloodsucking Cracked Tear (from the sleeping Furnace Golem, enhances attacks at the cost of HP)

Alongside the Wondrous Physick components, beating a Furnace Golem also gives the player a Furnace Visage. The Furnace Visage is a crafting material for making Hefty Furnace Pots, which are used to cheese Furnace Golems.

How to craft Hefty Furnace Pots

Hefty Furnace Pots are crafted using 2 Redflesh Mushroom, 2 Ember of Mesmer, and 1 Furnace Visage.

Before crafting the item, however, players must acquire the Greater Potentate’s Cookbook (2). This cookbook is in the Gravesite Plains area’s Run-Down Traveler’s Rest. Players can find this location by heading south out of the Abandoned Ailing Village, then down the path that leads under the Ellac Greatbridge.

Crafting The Hefty Furnace Pot

Players will find two Furnace Visage next to the skeleton holding the cookbook which they should take as they’re used to craft the required pots. Every ingredient used in the Hefty Furnace Pot’s recipe can be collected in the ground around the Castle Ensis and Shadow Keep area.

However, the Furnace Visage is relatively rare and is primarily found as a dropped reward for beating Furnace Golems. Exactly eight others can be found as loot, so players don’t have to actually experience the brutal grind of beating a Furnace Golem in a fair fight.

Players don’t have to be too stingy, though. The only use for Furnace Visages is crafting Hefty Furnace Pots.

With the required items in hand, use the Crafting Kit players purchased from Merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh to craft the Hefty Furnace Pots. Those who didn’t buy the kit at the start of Elden Ring can go north from the Site of Grace in front of Elden Ring’s tutorial area.

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