How to start Hornsent Grandam quest in Elden Ring, get all rewards

elden ring dlc hornsent grandam

Not many NPCs in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC are guaranteed to stay friendly or to survive for long, but the Hornsent Grandam is one of the exceptions if players can finish her extremely short questline.

The Hornsent Grandam makes a strong first impression, either willing the Divine Beast Dancing Lion to life with a rousing speech or smack-talking the player and calling Queen Marika a “strumpet.” The player can find her in a storeroom near the Small Private Altar site of grace. 

The Hornsent Grandam winds up filling a role similar to the blood suppliers of Bloodborne or the Divine Child of Rejuvenation in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. She gives the player an endless supply of single-use healing items that can provide a major boost during a grinding trip through a dungeon or encampment.

How to reach Hornsent Grandam in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The Hornsent Grandam is found behind a locked door near the Small Private Altar site of grace.

The NPC is found in a storeroom across the bridge where two enemy snipers rained down shots at the Tarnished earlier in the dungeon. In order to reach her, the player needs to find the Storeroom Key item. While players can find the Hornsent Grandam early on in the Belurat Tower Settlement area, they cannot actually start her questline or get any rewards from her until later.

elden ring dlc storeroom key location

The Storeroom Key is found in the upper reaches of Belurat Tower Settlement. To find it, go to the Small Private Altar site of grace, exit through the door, then head up the stairs through the door on the right. Then head up the short staircase on the left, past the dual-wielding knight.Take a sharp right at the top of this short staircase to head through a series of narrow alleys. Head to the end of the road, then turn left, and follow the path to a waterfall.

On the right wall beside the waterfall is a room with a ladder. Head up to find the Storeroom Key on a dead body.

How to wake up Hornsent Grandam for questline in Elden Ring DLC

The Hornsent Grandam will wake up and become friendly after the player defeats the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, and wears its helmet while talking with her.

After defeating the Belurat Tower Settlement’s main boss, the Hornsent Grandam can be found in the storeroom asleep. She will not respond to the player unless they are wearing the Divine Beast Head item.

The reward from the Hornsent Grandam is a new incantation and an endless supply of Scorpion Stew, a new healing item added in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

The first time the player talks with the Hornsent Grandam, she will give players the Watchful Spirit incantation. After receiving the spell, return to the Small Private Altar site of grace. Rest and return to the Hornsent Grandam. She will give the player Scorpion Stew, a consumable healing item.

When consumed, Scorpion Stew offers both a temporary boost to physical defense and HP regeneration. Players can only hold one at a time and it disappears after use. However, the player can freely get more Scorpion Stew after visiting the Hornsent Grandam. Unlike certain other hornsent NPCs, she remains friendly to the player from this point on.

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