Every way to fix Modern Warfare 3 packet burst errors

packet burst error

The packet burst error is causing many problems for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 but fortunately, there are a few ways to fix this issue.

Packet burst is a persistent network error plaguing the Modern Warfare 3 players. The error can cause frustrating lag and inconsistent frame rates, making the grind of unlocking weapons even more infuriating. While this issue has gained widespread attention within the MW3 community, it’s not an unprecedented occurrence in the Call of Duty franchise. Similar errors have surfaced in previous iterations of the game.

The packet burst error can stem from either a faulty network on the user’s end or a minor server-side issue. If the problem lies with the servers, Activision typically provides updates and an estimated timeframe for a fix. Players experiencing these issues on their own end of the connection have a few ways to approach fixing it.

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How to fix packet burst error in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Players can fix packet burst errors in Modern Warfare 3 by improving their connection stability or by adjusting some settings.

Before attempting to fix anything, make sure the issue is not on the server side. Players can check the server status of Call of Duty games on Activision’s official website. If all servers are operating normally, here are some of the options available to fix packet burst errors in Modern Warfare 3.

Disable on-demand texture streaming

One of the most common causes of the packet burst error is the on-demand texture streaming setting. Like the name suggests, the settings downloads quality texture while the user is playing. This can cause extra stress on the network, resulting in packet issues. Here’s how to disable it:

  • Go to the settings in Modern Warfare 3
  • Go to the “Graphics” tab
  • Navigate to “On-demand Texture Streaming” under the quality section
  • Disable the setting
  • Restart the game

Disable crossplay

In previous CoD games, packet burst issues have been traced back specifically to crossplay servers and that issue likely persists in Modern Warfare 3. If you’re consistently encountering these issues, try disabling cross-play in the game’s account and network settings. Unfortunately, if these fixes don’t remedy the problem, it may require a change in the gaming setup or even one’s hardware.

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Restart router

A simple restart of both the game and the router can sometimes clear up temporary network glitches that can cause packet burst errors. Additionally, some routers have a reset button that can be used to perform a more comprehensive refresh without having to unplug it.

Switch to a wired connection

To ensure a more stable connection, ditch Wi-Fi and switch to a wired broadband connection. Wireless connections are prone to interference and instability, which can lead to packet loss and contribute to packet burst errors.

Change from HDD to SSD

PC users who have installed Modern Warfare 3 on a hard disk drive rather than a solid state drive are more likely to encounter packet burst errors. While this is a major annoyance, installing an SSD and then reinstalling the game can result in improved performance and reduced latency. Even though many PC gamers still use HDDs, SSDs are becoming the standard. SSDs are even part of the minimum system requirements in games like Starfield.

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