Fall Guys coming in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, is proximity chat?


Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is already out and a data miner just detailed what content will be released during the season, and proximity chat isn’t in there anymore.

The latest Fortnite season is filled with tons of content for fans to enjoy. From Fallout-themed collaborations to Magneto from X-Men, there’s much to see in the game. Season 5, Chapter 3, termed Wrecked, is going all in on the wasteland theme. It’s more Mad Max than Fallout, though. The Redline Rig refinery deals in Nitro, a new type of powerup in the game. Nitrodrome also appears during the season, with cars fitted with Nitro.

There are plenty of ways to customize rides in the new season. Season 1 enabled players to turn sports cars into their equipped vehicles, and Season 3 is doing the same with SUVs. Some SUVs from Rocket League will also become available in other game modes. But unfortunately for Fortnite players, Chapter 5 Season 3 may be defined by proximity chat not being added to the game rather than anything that actually was added.

What’s coming to Fortnite Season 3?

Fortnite players can expect a Fall Guys minigame and a Pirates of the Caribbean event during the season.

Shiina is well known for data mining shop items before their official release. According to them, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 will get more collaborations and events. The first is a Fall Guys minigame, which will probably be an obstacle course race with the whole lobby. The game will also receive Metallica Battle Royale content.

Fortnite Summer Event 2024 is also on the cards for the current season. The 14 Days of Summer event generally involves a daily challenge and a free reward. The data miner also disclosed the Pirates of the Caribbean event, which will probably occur at the season’s end.

When is proximity chat coming to Fortnite?

Proximity chat is seemingly delayed beyond Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

The proximity chat feature was supposed to come to Fortnite Creative with safety restrictions in place. However, according to Shiina, the feature has been pushed to Q4. The chat feature will first be rolled out in the Creative mode and, if all goes well, will be rolled out in the other modes.

Fortnite offers plenty of different modes to the players, from Battle Royale to Guitar Hero, like Fortnite Festival, and there is something for everyone in the game. A proximity chat feature in the Creative mode would make the mode even more fun for the players. Fans eagerly awaiting the feature will now have to wait till October-December.

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