Are Homelander, The Boys, and Lion-O really coming to Fortnite?

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Fortnite’s roster of characters included with collab skins continues to grow and it will reportedly continue to grow with the additions of Homelander and The Boys, as well as ThunderCats’ Lion-O.

Fortnite is on a roll regarding collaborations with other franchises, whether gaming or not. The famous Battle Royale game recently joined hands with Fallout, complete with Nuka Cola as a healing item and a T-60 Power Armor skin. There are plenty of Fallout-themed cosmetics, too. The Wrecked season revolves around the post-apocalyptic franchise from Bethesda.

The game has a long history of teaming up with Marvel Comics and the MCU. The Wastelander Magneto skin joins Rogue and Gambit from Chapter 3, Season 1, marking Magneto’s first appearance in Fortnite. The game is already receiving The Employee from The Company and according to a report, Lion-O and The Boys are joining the fray, too.

Will Homelander and The Boys end up in Fortnite?

The Boys is reportedly set for a collab with Fortnite that could see Homelander and other characters from the show arrive in the game.

Epic Games has not confirmed this, but Nick Baker of the XboxEra Podcast has reported multiple Fortnite collaborations ahead of their official reveal, including sizable ones like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Avatar: The Last Airbender. More recently, he stated that Lion-O from the Thundercats and characters from The Boys could be coming down the pipeline in Fortnite.

The report from Baker came a few weeks before the release of The Boys Season 4. Fortnite is a great place to market a TV show, movie, or video game, and many other companies have looked to promote their upcoming releases through Fortnite.

Homelander from The Boys is no stranger to appearing in video games. He appeared as a fully playable guest character in Mortal Kombat 1, and was arguably the most prominently featured character in the game’s first Kombat Pass. Previously, Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir appeared in Call of Duty as character skins. The Boys are open to further collaborations with video games. Is Fortnite their next stop? That remains to be seen.

Is Lion-O from ThunderCats coming to Fortnite?

Lion-O from ThunderCats may be coming to Fortnite alongside Homelander and The Boys.

ThunderCats is among the most beloved animated series of the 1980s. The show has been adapted to many other forms of media in the years since, and has undergone short-lived revivals. Despite being comparatively old, the show remains iconic to older millennials.

A ThunderCat would perfectly fit into Fortnite, especially Lion-O with the Sword of Omens. It’s easy to imagine this being spun beyond just a skin, with his Claw Shield and the sword potentially granting the wielder “Sight Beyond Sight” with direct gameplay implications. John Wick came with his katana so Lion-O could bring his iconic weapons.

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