Fortnite adds skins based on Loki series, find out what’s included

Loki and Sylvie from the MCU series Loki

Loki will return alongside a new batch of Fortnite skins and cosmetic items based on his hit TV series on Disney+, the latest in a surge of Marvel Comics-based skins in the game.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 2 will continue until the last week of May 2024 and it’s already given fans plenty of new skins. The roster of Olympians gave Fortnite a mythological twist, and Epic will likely revisit the Greek pantheon in the future. Of course, they aren’t the only gods in Fortnite.

Marvel has fielded its version of the Norse pantheon, from the mighty Thor to the trickster Loki. Although Thor has taken a sabbatical from the MCU, Loki has become one of its most important players. Appropriately, Loki’s Disney+ incarnation needs some Fortnite representation.

Loki and Sylvie arrive in the next batch of Marvel skins for Fortnite

A Sylvie skin will be added to Fortnite alongside a Miss Minutes back bling to complement the returning Loki.

Fortnite leaker HypeX shared images of the Disney+ iteration of Loki and his alternate reality variant and love interest, Sylvie. Miss Minutes will also be a unique cosmetic. Loki’s melee weapon is a Time Stick, a tool that affects the flow of time. The in-game weapon will likely not have these powers for balance reasons.

Meanwhile, Sylvie has her sword as a melee weapon. Loki’s return marks the first time Loki will be available for Fortnite players since July 2021. Epic locked the Avengers 2012 Loki skin behind the Fortnite Crew subscription. When the promotional event concluded, fans could not get Loki as a playable skin. Although not the gaudy and gold Loki of the past, fans of the series will appreciate his return.

Whether the rest of the Loki series cast gets Fortnite skins remains unknown. A Kang the Conqueror skin is unlikely. Despite being a key figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kang actor Jonathan Majors’ conviction for assault and firing will likely see the character shelved for some time. 

The release of Loki months after the series finale could mean The Marvels skins aren’t too far behind. Kamala Khan, despite being toted as one of the future leads of the MCU, has yet to receive the Fortnite guest spot. Time will tell if the other Disney+ adaptations will get their time on the Battle Bus.

Regardless, the surge of Marvel-based skins in Fortnite continues with Disney’s partnership with Epic Games. The deal had already seen Gladiator Hulk and the full Guardians of the Galaxy roster added, and fans can expect them to keep coming.

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