Gameplay, release date details for next Tomb Raider game leaked

Lara Croft facing off against a jungle cat

Leaks about the next Tomb Raider game may have uncovered some details on a pivot to open-world gameplay and some release date information.

The Tomb Raider franchise has a complicated history in the modern era. 2013’s Tomb Raider rebooted the franchise with a darker and grittier Lara Croft. The first game received critical and commercial success, leading to a trilogy set in the new timeline.

During the trilogy, Embracer Group acquired Tomb Raider developer Eidos-Montreal, a partnership that promised more sequels and remakes for the franchise. Unfortunately, despite the Tomb Raider franchise’s success, Embracer’s business struggles saw several studios gutted by layoffs, including Eidos-Montreal. The Tomb Raider franchise somehow avoided cancellation, and now a leaker may have revealed Lara Croft’s next adventure.

Is the next Tomb Raider game open-world?

A leaker claims the next Tomb Raider game will be open-world and set in India.

These reports come from an account called V Scooper, who previously broke the news on The Super Mario Bros Movie story details before its release. V Scooper claims the next Tomb Raider project will focus on open-world gameplay, complete with vehicles and most of Lara’s usual traversal methods.

The story will reportedly center around a natural disaster in Northern India, revealing the ancient emperor Ashoka’s ruins. Lara must compete against the Society of Raiders and other rivals in the field. The game will also reportedly emphasize a non-lethal combat option.

The presence of non-lethal implies these raiders are not like the private mercenaries or savage tribals of old. Lara Croft, though not one to shy against killing, likely wouldn’t murder amateur treasure hunters in cold blood. Of course, that’s assuming the game forces non-lethality. The game may allow players to kill these treasure hunters anyway. 

Next Tomb Raider game release date may be before long

The next Tomb Raider game will reportedly come out before the end of Q2 2025. No specific release date was given, and Eidos-Montreal hasn’t confirmed any of this.

V Scooper states the game will launch in “less than a year if there are no delays” but clarifies it’s not set in stone. Given the studio’s recent layoffs, a delay wouldn’t be surprising. In the meantime, Netflix’s Tomb Raider, coming later in 2024, can tide Lara Croft fans over until the next release. 

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