First look at new LoL champion Aurora hints at abilities, style

League of Legends Aurora in spirit form and material form

League of Legends has officially announced new LoL champion Aurora, the Witch Between Worlds, and she looks stunning. But what does that mean for her abilities and play style?

With more than 100 champions and counting, League of Legends’ continued success depends on innovative new champs to play with. On top of fun mechanics and game design, champions have to be memorable and marketable. Given the impressive revenue generated by League of Legends cosmetics every year, developer Riot Games has the formula on lock.

Leaks of the upcoming champion have swirled in the community for some time. The last champion added to League of Legends in January 2024 was Smolder. Six months later, the song of ice and fire begins with the announcement of Aurora.

Who is Aurora in League of Legends?

New LoL champion Aurora is a Vastaya Mage who sees the spirit and material realms simultaneously. Aurora’s announcement video showcases her unique perspective on the world, seeing it melded from two realms. Her biography explains she can travel between the two realms at will. 

During one of her journeys, she meets a wayward demigod twisted to time, heavily implied to be Volibear. It is he who Aurora seeks to help, and why she explores the furthest reaches of the Freljord to do so. Notably, as a Vastaya, she has animal characteristics due to her chimeric heritage. Other notable Vastaya include Ahri, Nami, Rakan, and Rengar.  

When is Aurora’s release date? 

Riot has not announced a release date for Aurora in League of Legends. As for her gameplay, Riot also hasn’t revealed that yet. However, the trailer did show off her ability to shift between realms alongside a spirit version of herself. From the visuals alone, she may have access to a “material” form and a “spirit” form, each with different abilities.

She also sees spirit critters in the trailer, who may be summons for her gameplay. Whether these summons attack the foe or support allies remain unknown. The official site assigned her the mage role, who classically plays as ranged casters with solid AoE spells.

That mage role is further reinforced by the apparent presence of a magic wand, something that could come into play when the champion is released onto Summoner’s Rift. For now, players are left to conjecture about what these and other traits might mean for the newest LoL champion to be added to the game.

Players will have to wait for Riot’s official gameplay reveal for more concrete details. 

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