Full AEW Fight Forever entrance list with WWE, NJPW wrestlers

AEW Fight Forever has a long list of wrestler entrances available to players, but there’s little indication regarding who they’re supposed to belong to.

Modern wrestling games offer players a lot of freedom in creating custom wrestlers, and AEW’s debut offering is no different. Players have over 100 different entrances to choose from for their created wrestlers, and many of them draw direct inspiration from big names outside the company. But while entrances in the WWE 2K games have names that serve as hints regarding who they belong to, AEW Fight Forever hits players with dozens of “General Male” entrances.

Thankfully, it’s easy enough to list out who these references are meant to reference. Here is the full list of create-a-wrestler entrances in AEW Fight Forever.

Hikaru Shida in AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever entrance list

There are 75 “General Male” and 19 “General Female” entrances listed in AEW Fight Forever. While they’re listed as “general,” many of them are clearly modeled off of specific wrestlers. 

Some of these are the motions that wrestlers went through during their entrances, such as MVP leaning back with his arms spread. Others are quirks, taunts, or move telegraphs of other wrestlers, like Ric Flair’s strut or Claudio Castagnoli beckoning before he starts doing a Giant Swing. Also among these “general” entrances are ones that harken back to wrestlers’ past gimmicks and promotions such as NJPW-era Kenny Omega entrances and Malakai Black’s entrance from when he was Aleister Black in NXT.

Many of these entrances are truly generic though or include actions that can’t be assigned to a specific wrestler. Ones that are references to specific wrestlers are noted as such.

  • General Male 1
  • General Male 2
  • General Male 3
  • General Male 4
  • General Male 5
  • General Male 6
  • General Male 7- Paul Wight
  • General Male 8- The Big Show
  • General Male 9- Kazuchika Okada
  • General Male 10- MVP
  • General Male 11
  • General Male 12- Miro
  • General Male 13
  • General Male 14- Lex Luger
  • General Male 15- Shawn Michaels
  • General Male 16
  • General Male 17- Akira Tozawa
  • General Male 18- John Cena
  • General Male 19
  • General Male 20- D-Generation X
  • General Male 21- Bray Wyatt
  • General Male 22- Goldust
  • General Male 23- Rhyno
  • General Male 24
  • General Male 25- Dusty Rhodes
  • General Male 26
  • General Male 27- Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  • General Male 28
  • General Male 29
  • General Male 30- Kenny Omega
  • General Male 31- Kenny Omega
  • General Male 32- Hulk Hogan
  • General Male 33
  • General Male 34- Yokozuna
  • General Male 35- Cesaro
  • General Male 36- Triple H
  • General Male 37
  • General Male 38
  • General Male 39
  • General Male 40- Cody Rhodes
  • General Male 41
  • General Male 42
  • General Male 43
  • General Male 44
  • General Male 45
  • General Male 46- Ric Flair
  • General Male 47- Umaga
  • General Male 48- Jake Hager
  • General Male 49- Rob Van Dam
  • General Male 50
  • General Male 51
  • General Male 52
  • General Male 53
  • General Male 54
  • General Male 55
  • General Male 56
  • General Male 57
  • General Male 58
  • General Male 59- AJ Styles
  • General Male 60- The Demon Finn Balor
  • General Male 61- Goldberg
  • General Male 62- Roman Reigns
  • General Male 63- The Undertaker
  • General Male 64- Rey Mysterio
  • General Male 65- Shinsuke Nakamura
  • General Male 66- Tetsuya Naito
  • General Male 67- Will Ospreay
  • General Male 68- Apollo Crews
  • General Male 69
  • General Male 70
  • General Male 71- Gunther
  • General Male 72- Ricochet
  • General Male 73- John Morrison
  • General Male 74- Andrade El Idolo
  • General Male 75- Aleister Black

While there are 75 male entrances, there are just 19 female entrances. Female wrestlers can use male entrances, and vice versa.

  • General Female 1
  • General Female 2
  • General Female 3
  • General Female 4
  • General Female 5
  • General Female 6
  • General Female 7
  • General Female 8
  • General Female 9
  • General Female 10
  • General Female 11
  • General Female 12
  • General Female 13
  • General Female 14- Trish Stratus
  • General Female 15
  • General Female 16
  • General Female 17
  • General Female 18
  • General Female 19- Iyo Sky

How to get more money for the shop in AEW Fight Forever

Players can earn more money for the in-game shop in AEW Fight Forever by completing challenges and playing the Road to Elite mode. One of those methods is much more efficient than the other, though.

While there are daily and weekly challenges available to players in AEW Fight Forever, the Road to Elite story mode is much more efficient when it comes to giving players money. On top of being the method for unlocking Paul Wight and Brodie Lee, it offers money to purchase gear and also gives players access to new attires for created wrestlers. Those who want to grind for in-game money should start up Road to Elite, switch it to easy mode, and just blaze through opponents.

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