Here are all the Pokemon TCG cards that have rule boxes

Mew cards from Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon TCG introduced a new concept in recent years that categorized cards based on whether they have a “rule box,” but that term is leaving some players.

There are many different types of Pokemon cards at this point. The game typically revolves around new types of cards that are introduced with each new base set like Pokemon-GX cards of the Sun and Moon era, and most recently the Pokemon-ex of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet expansion. Snuggled in between these are other sub-categories of cards like Prism Star, Radiant, and Shining Pokemon.

For a long while, cards were meant to have specific interactions with these different categories of Pokemon, like Choice Band working against EX and GX Pokemon. But today, more and more cards are working against those who “have a rule box.” Here’s what that means and which cards actually fall into that category.

What is a rule box in the Pokemon TCG?

A rule box in the Pokemon TCG is a regulation regarding gameplay or deck-building that is printed directly on the card. This typically refers to the number of these cards that can be included in a deck or what happens when one of these Pokemon is knocked out.

The most instantly recognizable example of this is the “When your Pokemon V is knocked out, your opponent takes two prize cards” rule that is printed on all Pokemon V cards. Something similar is also included on all Pokemon-EX, Pokemon-GX, and Pokemon-ex cards. This means that all EX, GX, V, and ex cards are considered to have a rule box.

Mew V Rule Box
The rule box on Pokemon-V cards can be seen here.

It’s not just rules regarding prize cards that appear in rule boxes, however. The Prism Star cards that first appeared in the Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ultra Prism expansion had a rule box that limited a deck to one Prism Star card and forced players to put the card into their Lost Zone instead of the discard pile. As a result, Ultra Prism cards also fall under this “rule box” umbrella.

What types of Pokemon TCG cards have a rule box?

There are several different types of cards in the Pokemon TCG that have a rule box. The full list of card types that have a rule box includes:

  • Pokemon-EX
  • Mega Pokemon-EX
  • Pokemon BREAK
  • Pokemon-GX
  • Prism Star Pokemon
  • Tag Team Pokemon-GX
  • Pokemon V
  • Pokemon VMAX
  • Pokemon V-Union
  • Pokemon VSTAR
  • Radiant Pokemon
  • Pokemon-ex

While one might look over this list and think that every special type of card has a rule box, that’s not actually the case. The “Shining” cards from the Sun and Moon: Shining Legends expansion don’t have a rule box. Therefore, they aren’t affected by cards like Path to the Peak and can work with supporters like Arezu or Gloria. This is notable for those who are playing in the expanded format in Pokemon TCG Live, and it’s likely that future expansions will toy with this mechanic.

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