Here’s every way to get Polychrome for free in ZZZ

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ZZZ’s premium currency is Polychrome and while players are meant to spend some cash on it, ther are plenty of ways to get it for free.

Polychrome is mainly used to purchase Master Tapes and Encrypted Master Tapes, which are then used to pull powerful characters and weapons from Banners. In usual gacha fashion, Polychrome is readily available if players are willing to spend real money. 

HoYoverse is quite generous in rewarding Polychrome to players. Plenty of events, missions, and achievements give the premium currency to active players. While it can be hard to grind daily, free-to-play gamers still have abundant chances of gaining free Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero. 

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How to get free Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero

Players can get Polychrome for free in ZZZ by completing certain objectives, taking part in in-game events, progressing in the story, and more.

While the idea behind Polychrome is to have players pay for it, there are numerous ways to get it without having to shell out cash. Players can get a fair amount of Polychrome simply by playing the game

  • Redeeming Codes- HoYoverse is known for releasing codes that give players in-game currency in its various games, and ZZZ isn’t any different
  • From Monochrome- Players earn Monochrome simply by playing the game organically. Monochrome can be exchanged for Polychrome
  • From Events- Zenless Zone Zero has plenty of events, win some offering free character pulls and Polychrome
  • From Story Missions- Story missions are called Story Commissions in Zenless Zone Zero and can give Polychrome as a completion reward
  • From Combat Commissions- Like Story Commissions, Combat Commissions can reward players with premium currency
  • Errands in the Compendium- Errands are just daily tasks in the game; completing them can net ZZZ players some free Polychrome
  • Collecting Observation Data- Side missions during the story and exploration main missions can also give Polychrome
  • Trials in the Compendium- Trials relate directly to the storyline, so keep an eye out for them, as completing them gives Polychrome
  • Inter-Knot Level- Playing the game increases the Inter-Knot Level; regularly check on it to gain more currency
  • Find it in Chests- Explore the Zenless Zone Zero overworld and discover chests to net premium currency
  • Tutorials- Completing tutorials also gives a small amount of Polychrome
  • Achievements- Like Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact, completing achievements also gives premium currency
  • Rewards from Officer Mewmew- Officer Mewmew hides in every city district and offers various challenges. Complete them to earn rewards, including Polychrome
  • From Bounty Commissions- Bounty Commissions are challenges where players need to defeat monsters and even bosses, with victory potentially yielding players some free Polychrome
  • From Shiyu Defense- Shiyu Defense challenges include Stable Nodes and Critical Nodes. Both challenges involve eliminating monsters in a set amount of time. Completion time determines the rewards, which often include Polychrome
  • S-Rank Character Auditions- These are character demos or trials. Completing them can yield a small amount of Polychrome for free while also giving ZZZ players an idea of how they might want to spend it

As ever, make sure to be aware of possible scams. Phishing scams from Fortnite to Steam lure players in with free currency, only to have a fake login lead to a lost account. Make sure that any offers of free Polychrome come from official ZZZ social media channels, the official website, or in-game.

Daily Login Bonus in Zenless Zone Zero

Where to use Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero?

Polychrome can be used to purchase various in-game items, including Tapes and W-Engine Banners.

Players can spend earned Polychrome to purchase Master Tapes and Encrypted Master Tapes. Tapes are used to pull banners, which can net players new characters. The currency can also buy New Eridu City Fund levels and Battery Charge.

Purchasing Tapes is highly recommended as Battery Charge recharges automatically and can even be topped up once a day for free. 

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