How Battery Charge works in Zenless Zone Zero, how to get it free

A character looks towards the New Eridu City in Zenless Zone Zero

Getting more Battery Charge in Zenless Zone Zero can be useful for thorough explorers as the charge depletes with certain in-game actions, so what’s the best way to get more in-game? 

Zenless Zone Zero has plenty of mechanics to understand and use and one of the most important is Battery Charge. The rechargeable resource gets consumed when players do certain actions around the city but it recharge daily in real-worled time.  Players who want to continue playing the game for longer can find the Battery Charge depleting as they explore.

Thankfully, there are ways to recharge the Battery in Zenless Zone Zero. And thankfully, one of those methods is completely free. 

Get Battery Charge in Zenless Zone Zero

Players can get more battery charge in Zenless Zone Zero through several methods, including using items or visiting a store.

The best way to get more Battery Charge is to drink coffee. Visit the Coff Cafe in New Eridu City for coffee and instantly restore 60 battery charge. Coffee can also add charge beyond the normal maximum, too. If you start the day with 240 charges, easily add another 60 to reach a total of 300. The downside is that the coffee shop serves coffee once on a real-world day. 

A maid type character gets ready to fight in Zenless Zone Zero

An Ether Battery can also restore 60 Battery Charges per usage, but it’s a finite resource. The battery can be recharged using Polychrome, the premium currency in Zenless Zone Zero, and should only be used in dire circumstances. Lastly, players can wait until a real-world day to replenish the battery. 

How does Battery Charge work in Zenless Zone Zero?

The Battery Charge acts as a stamina system, which is found in nearly every gacha game these days.

Genshin Impact, Wuthering Waves, and Honkai: Star Rail all have some versions of a stamina system. Certain activities require stamina, generally those that increase account or character levels. 

In Zenless Zone Zero, players can go through story missions and events without using any charge. Extra activities that yield more rewards require Battery Charges. In this way, Battery Charge serves as a soft cap on how much players can progress in terms of powering up their characters. This translates to a limit on how quickly players can progress through the story. MiHoyo is taking a different, somewhat more liberal approach to stamina usage here, as players can advance in the story freely, albeit with some major inconvenience.

The Battery Charges are only used if players want to gain extra currency, experience materials, or character upgrade materials. The limited number of charges can hinder progress, and as of now, there is no way to  permanently increase the maximum battery charge limit. 

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