These are the top MMORPGs you can play on Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch isn’t exactly known for its MMORPGs, but several top MMORPGs have made their way to the platform.

There are a variety of reasons that the Nintendo Switch doesn’t attract many MMORPGs compared to consoles like the PlayStation 4 and 5. The Switch has a notoriously bad online problem with many games, which doesn’t help its reputation. However, several Switch MMORPGs run solidly on the Switch in a wide array of genres. 

The top Switch MMORPGs include free-to-play options, while others are fairly low-cost. 


Monetization system: Free-to-play, in-game cosmetic purchases

When it comes to cozy MMORPGs on the Switch, Palia takes the cake. Literally. The game was the first of its kind, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and coziness that was effectively combat-free. 

Instead, players live a comfortable homesteading life of farming, cooking, hunting, and decorating. A large focus of the game is also on building relationships with the townspeople, and players can even date some villagers.

It’s similar to a mix of the ever-popular Stardew Valley and Disney Dreamlight Valley in terms of gameplay but with those mechanics transplanted into an MMORPG. When players aren’t on their land, they’ll encounter other players roaming around town. When events happen, players work together to play games or complete quests.

With no barrier to entry, Palia is the perfect Switch MMORPG for anyone looking to relax. It also has a thriving community, so there are plenty of people to play with. 

Double battle in Temtem


Monetization system: Pay-to-start, in-game purchases, paid battle pass for end-game content

While Pokemon isn’t likely getting an official MMORPG anytime soon, and Nintendo has actively tried to shut down Pokemon fan games that try and do so, Temtem takes this idea and runs with it. The monster-taming game is similar thematically and adds an MMORPG twist. 

Other players will be running around both in the end-game and story areas. Temtem has an emotional, lengthy storyline that does a great job preparing players for endgame content.

It includes everything standard monster-taming games should have including collecting, breeding, battling, and trading. Additionally, there’s a lot of PvP content and game modes, including a survival mode. Temtem is a great MMORPG for Switch players, especially those who love Pokemon.

DC Universe Online squad

DC Universe Online

Monetization system: Free-to-play, in-game purchases, optional subscription for items, currency, and further discounts

DC fans have the option to play DC Universe Online on the Nintendo Switch. Players create and control a superhero, fighting enemies and exploring the DC universe. They can do so with players across multiple platforms including PC and PlayStation consoles.

There are plenty of established DC characters to meet and stories to see through. While paying for things helps boost the player’s character, all of the content in the game is free to enjoy. It’s incredibly easy to get started in, making it a great option for a Switch MMORPG that has some action.

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Written by Brittany Alva

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