Zenless Zone Zero’s release date & time, all pre-order bonuses

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Gacha fans rejoice because the next HoYoverse game, Zenless Zone Zero, finally has a release date and time, with the reveal coming alongside an announcement of pre-registration rewards. 

Zenless Zone Zero has been highly anticipated since being announced in 2022, as miHoYo was still riding the initial wave of success from Genshin Impact’s launch. The action RPG is set in an urban environment where players are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

While miHoYo is facing some stiff competition with Wuthering Waves, its lack of a PlayStation release date gives the publisher a chance to reassert itself as the top gacha maker on the market. Players know exactly when they’ll be able to jump into the world of Zenless Zone Zero to try out this new take on the HoYoverse formula.

Is Zenless Zone Zero like Genshin Impact?

Zenless Zone Zero is made by HoYoverse, the developers behind popular free-to-play titles like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. The game brings a similar mix of action, exploration, and wallet-draining gacha mechanics. 

The game was revealed in 2022 and had several closed betas in the years before its release. Players who participated in the betas gave generally positive reviews about the game. The first beta came in August 2022 for PC and iOS, with the second in November 2022 for the same platforms.

The latest closed beta came in April 2024. Zenless Zone Zero for the PlayStation 5 was announced during this year’s PlayStation State of Play. That time in testing is set to be a boon to the game, as Zenless Zone Zero will release on all platforms at the same time.

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What platforms will Zenless Zone Zero be on, and is it coming out on PS4?

Zenless Zone Zero will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact were both made available across these three platforms. There’s no news on whether or not Zenless Zone Zero will be released on Xbox or Nintendo Switch. While HoYoverse has never discussed an Xbox release, there was past talk about Genshin Impact coming to Switch. Unfortunately, years removed from this, there’s been no sign of any forward movement. Because of this, it’s unlikely that Zenless Zone Zero will come to Switch in the near future.

The game will be available via Epic Games Store or the Zenless Zone Zero client. No Steam release has been announced and it’s unlikely one will happen.

Zenless Zone Zero will not be released on PS4. While Genshin Impact initially launched on PS4, the game later received a native PS5 port. Honkai: Star Rail was initially teased to be set for a PS4 release, but this never materialized. It’s hypothetically possible that Zenless Zone Zero could arrive on PS4 but the silence from miHoYo, even with ZZZ’s release date on the horizon, suggests the time for gacha gaming on past-gen hardware is over.

zenless zone zero characters

Zenless Zone Zero release date, time confirmed

Zenless Zone Zero will be released worldwide on Wednesday July 3, 2024 or Thursday July 4, with the exact timing varied based on time zone and platform.

The game has gone through several phases of testing with public sign-ups, but this will see the game available to all. The game will receive a simultaneous worldwide release across all platforms, with cross-progression and crossplay immediately available.

miHoYo has done strong work in terms of guaranteeing a major splash for its games. Genshin Impact had a simultaneous worldwide release on PlayStation 4, mobile, and PC, which made the game easy to start. The studio is doing the same thing again here.

Is Zenless Zone Zero a gacha game?

Zenless Zone Zero is an action RPG with gacha elements like Genshin Impact, Wuthering Waves, and Honkai: Star Rail. 

The developers have already announced 17 characters for the game. The roster includes:

  • A katana-wielding maid.
  • A well-dressed wolf.
  • A futuristic cop.
  • A revolver-armed cyborg.
  • A grizzled bear.

Trailers for some announced characters are also up on the official website. 

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic heaven called Eridu. Portals called Hollows have opened up, allowing Ethereal entities to invade the world. A group of survivors led by the player is the last hope of defeating the hostile entities and saving everyone. The gacha mechanics have not been explained yet, but fans won’t have to wait long as the game releases next week.

All pre-order bonuses for Zenless Zone Zero across all platforms

HoYoverse is running a few different bonuses for players to grab before the game releases. The pre-order bonuses for Zenless Zone Zero vary based on the platform.

Here are the in-game pre-order bonuses for Zenless Zone Zero on PlayStation 5:

  • 2x Master Tape (Signal Search)
  • 150,000x Denny (In-game Currency)
  • 80x Official Investigator Logs (Agent EXP materials)
  • 20x Senior Investigator Log (Agent EXP materials)
  • 40x W-Engine Power Supply (W-Engine EXP materials)
  • 10x W-Engine Energy Module (W-Engine EXP materials)

Alongside this were pre-order milestone rewards that increased based on the number of players who bought in early. With over 35 million pre-orders of the free-to-play game, there are already many rewards that players will get across all platforms. Here’s the full list of rewards for pre-register milestone rewards:

  • 30,000x Denny (In-game Currency)
  • 3x Master Tape (Signal Search)
  • 5x Boopon (Gives Bangboo)
  • 5x Master Tape (Signal Search)
  • 1x Agent Corin (Playable Character)

If pre-orders hit 40 million, then players will also get another 12 Master Tapes. 

Additionally, all players can take part in the Stock-Up web event. The event is taking place on the official website until the game is released. It requires players to log in every day while completing daily missions to flip cards. 

Each time the player flips a line of matching cards, they receive an in-game reward that can be redeemed when Zenless Zone Zero’s release date arrives. There are a limited number of card flips per day, but daily tasks and sharing with friends give additional flips. Rewards include materials for leveling up different parts of the game, W-Engines, and in-game currency.

Inviting friends also gives players the chance to win real-life prizes. Inviting two friends gives a player two draws, with players able to receive up to 30. There are seven different prizes, but each one has multiple winners:

  • 3x iPhone 15 Pro (256 GB)
  • 10x PlayStation 5 console
  • 20x Nintendo Switch console
  • 120x Zenless Zone Zero Phone Stand (Bangboo)
  • 120x Zenless Zone Zero Rug (Bangboo)
  • 120x Zenless Zone Zero Finger Skateboard Charm
  • 120x Zenless Zone Zero Character Stand (Random Agent)
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