Here’s how to fist bump in League of Legends, and what they do

league of legends fistbump

League of Legends has added fist bumps, a new way to congratulate teammates with its own dedicated key bind, alongside a new batch of in-game quests for Season 2024.

LoL Season 2024 brings plenty of new elements to Summoner’s Rift including changes in the map, new items, and rides on the Rift Herald. One of the newest additions on the communication side is the fist bump, a way to celebrate with teammates after a good play. The addition seemingly draws direct inspiration from Dota 2’s high-fives, which have been in the game for some time

The fist bump, which resembles Riot Games logo, is considered an emote. However, it is not included in the emote wheel. That’s because fist bumps have their own key bind. Unlike regular emotes, the fist bump is only visible to teammates. The fist bump’s default key bind in League of Legends is set to the U key.

If multiple players activate the fist bump in close proximity to one another, they meet in the middle to create a firework show. If only one player uses the fist bump emote, even if they are close to a teammate, it will turn into a thumbs-up. The fist bump emote is available to all players for free, with no in-game purchases necessary.

League of Legends adds new in-game quests

League of Legends will add four new in-game quests for players in the 2024 Season. The in-game quests are activated under very specific conditions. For example, the Rift Herald dances if it is alive near the Nexus once it is destroyed and champions wearing sunglasses take less damage from Leona’s passive. These small details add an extra level of fun to the game. Here are all the new in-game quests coming to League of Legends in 2024.

Bad Blood

Nasus and Renekton are at it again! Once they reach level 11, whoever kills the other first while their ultimate is active will grow, literally. The winner increases in size by 10% during its ultimate duration which is also increased by 10%. The loser will be 10% smaller during their ultimate. This lore-heavy challenge between two champions is standard for the new League of Legends in-game quests, so don’t expect any rivalry-ending fist bumps with these.

Battle Of Spirit and Shadow

At level 11, the race to complete this quest starts for Shen and Zed. Shen must kill Zed before Zed kills or gets an assist on two of Shen’s teammates. If Zed gets in on two kills first, he will get the price. If Shen is the winner, the Ki Barrier is 30% stronger for the rest of the game. If Zed completes his mission, his passive deals 2% extra of the target’s maximum health.

Jhin League Of Legends Wild Rift

Golden Ratio

This in-game quest involves Hwei and Jhin. They must be at least level 12 and be the first to kill the other using their ultimate. Whoever achieves this receives a reward, with Jhin receiving 4,444 Lethality and Hwei gaining 3.33% Magic Penetration.

Fishing In the Lavender Sea

Bel’Veth and Jax must compete to be the one to slay Baron Nashor. The Rift Herald must be taken for this in-game quest to be activated. If Jax takes the Baron, he gets five stacks of Bel’Veth’s passive, which increases his attack speed based on level. After that, Jax will receive five extra stacks every time it kills Bel’Veth. If Bel’Veth completes the quest first, she receives a Void Coral which allows her to ascend to her final form.

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