Here’s the full lineup of Holomoku skins in Valorant, and their price

valorant holomoku skins

Outlaw players rejoice! Riot Games has added a brand-new skin line called Holomoku as the latest addition to Valorant’s arsenal, bringing new looks for the Vandal, Bulldog, and more.

Valorant patch 8.09 includes a short list of updates, but most of them are significant. With the addition of Clove, Brimstone had slipped into the background, but the latest patch brings him back to the fore with bigger smokes. That’s not all. Players can expect a shiny new skin collection called Holomoku, with a surprise item. 

The Outlaw is a new gun in Valorant, so naturally, it doesn’t have tons of skins yet. So far, the weapon only has two non-battle pass skins available, including the Ego and Prism//Reloaded. Holomoku will change that. 

Valorant’s new Holomoku skins revealed

Valorant’s Holomoku skin line will include the Vandal, Outlaw, Bulldog, Frenzy, and melee weapon.

The Holomoku bundle is a collection inspired by the beach, specifically those of Hawaii. The word itself means sailing and this theme is also reflected in the Holomoku player card, where a man can be seen boating across an ocean.

The guns have a beachy blue and turquoise exterior with intricate patterns covering the entire metal. It’s an attractive skin, but players will be disappointed to know that the Holomoku skins are not animated and do not have over-the-top finishers. Instead, Holomoku is a Deluxe-tier skin with only one variant. The good news is that it’s also easier on the wallet, so players who haven’t been able to thrift their way to a Vandal skin now have an option. 

Holomoku bundle includes:

  • Holomoku Vandal 
  • Holomoku Outlaw 
  • Holomoku Bulldog 
  • Holomoku Frenzy
  • Kaimana (melee)
  • Holomoku Gunbuddy 
  • Holomoku Player card

Holomoku bundle price and release date confirmed

Players in North America, LATAM, and Brazil can purchase the Holomoku bundle on May 15 around 10:00 am PT, when patch 8.09 goes live. European players will have to wait until 8:00 am BST on the same day to get their hands on them.

The complete Holomoku bundle costs 5,100 Valorant points, whereas each gun skin costs 1,275 VP. The melee is slightly more expensive at 2,550 VP. 

Besides all this, players can look forward to a buff for Brimstone’s smokes. According to Riot Games, the Sky Smokes will now cover the same area displayed in Brimstone’s arm radar. Size-wise, they’ll be the same as Omen’s smokes. All of this, along with the bundle, will become available in Valorant patch 8.09 on May 15. 

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