Here’s the release date, price info for Destiny 2’s DnD crossover

destiny dungeons and dragons

Destiny 2 is taking a trip to the Forgotten Realms with a new crossover that adds Dungeons and Dragons-inspired items to the first-person shooter.

This new crossover, launching alongside The Final Shape expansion, promises new armor ornaments inspired by the classes and monsters from Dungeons and Dragons, as well as DnD-themed ships and emotes. This isn’t the first time Destiny 2 has done a crossover with another franchise, or even with a fantasy game.

Previous crossovers drew in franchises like The Witcher, Mass Effect, and Fortnite, each of which added new skins, emotes, weapons, and ships. Now it’s the iconic TTRPG’s turn.

destiny dungeons and dragons

What’s in the Destiny 2 and DnD Crossover?

The new crossover, as announced on X (formerly Twitter), will let players buy armor ornaments for every class, along with a new Adventurer’s Pack Bundle, finisher, and emote.

The Destiny 2 Dungeons and Dragons set includes:

  • Apex Draconic armor set for Titans, based on gold dragons
  • The Flayer’s Dominion armor set for Warlocks, which DnD players and Baldur’s Gate 3 fans will recognize as a mind flayer
  • The Spectral Displayer armor set for Hunters, based on displacer beasts
  • The Adventurer’s Pack Bundle, which includes the Queen of Dragons ship, Owlbear Chariot, and Eye Tyrant Ghost Shell
  • A new Finisher called Bigby’s Fist
  • A Natural 20 emote

It’s important to note that the armors are decorative skins, so players can’t expect the mind flayer armor to give their character psionic powers, or the dragon armor to give them a breath attack. Bigby’s Fist, on the other hand, is a new Finisher named for famed wizard Bigby, creator of spells like Bigby’s Hand.

Decorative or not, Destiny 2 players who also love tabletop RPGs will likely be excited to get a new ship based on Tiamat, the dragon queen, or to be accompanied by a Ghost Shell that looks like a Beholder. Additionally, players can buy an Eye Tyrant Beholder Ghost Shell vinyl figure on the Bungie store.

Destiny 2 x DnD crossover item prices

The Dungeons and Dragons-themed Destiny 2 gear will likely cost 2,000 silver, or around $20. The prices have not been officially confirmed, but this is the precedent from past crossovers.

Similarly, while the price for the Beholder Ghost Shell vinyl figure is still unannounced, other Ghost Shell figurines on the Bungie store typically cost $25 to $60.

Destiny 2 and Dungeons and Dragons crossover release date confirmed

The Destiny 2 DnD collab will launch on June 4. It comes out at the same time as the upcoming expansion, The Final Shape.

This upcoming expansion, which has been plagued by delays, will bring the Light and Darkness saga to its conclusion. Now players will be able to bring the story to its end while dressed like a displacer beast.

As Dungeons and Dragons celebrates its 50th anniversary, it’s continuing to cross over into new games for fans to enjoy. The Destiny 2 crossover follows on the heels of the Vecna-themed Dead By Daylight DLC, in addition to DnD-themed LEGO sets and the recently released “Vecna: Eve of Ruin” adventure.

All this is leading up to the release of the updated Player’s Handbook for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition this September.

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