Here’s which MW2 skins you get to keep in Modern Warfare 3

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Call of Duty players will be relieved to know that Modern Warfare 2 unlocks are transferable to Modern Warfare 3, with some exceptions.

After the official game and release date reveal of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, fans received some more exciting news. For the first time in Call of Duty history, unlocked items will be transferrable to the next game. Activision confirmed that a significant amount of previously unlocked content in Modern Warfare 2 will be available in Modern Warfare 3.

Unfortunately, not every piece of gear will be transferrable to the new game. Fans already have a good idea of what they can keep, and what’s going to be left behind.

Modern Warfare 2 weapon attachments

Can I keep Modern Warfare 2 items in Modern Warfare 3?

Players will be able to move their player level, many of their skins, loading screens, and other items from Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3. This comes from the new “Carry Forward” content transfer feature.

Activision has detailed everything that players can move from Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3:

  • Weapons and skins
  • Weapon progression
  • Weapon attachments
  • Operators and Operator skins
  • Gun Blueprints
  • Unlocked camos for guns
  • Unlocked weapon charms
  • Emblems
  • Stickers
  • Loading screens
  • Double XP tokens
  • Some vehicle skins
  • Cosmetic equipment
  • Player level
  • Battle pass access

This means that many of the items and cosmetics that players grinded for in Modern Warfare 2 are here to stay, at least for another year. It’s unclear whether Activision is planning to keep this feature moving forward in the Call of Duty series, or if this is just a one-off gift for fans. Either way, it’s sure to be welcome news for committed Call of Duty players.

Which Modern Warfare 2 skins will players not be able to keep in Modern Warfare 3?

Players will not keep Modern Warfare 2 cosmetics for weapons and vehicles that don’t appear in Modern Warfare 3.

Tav Cod Mw2

There are gameplay changes between the two games which results in not all items being transferrable. The specific example given is the possible exclusion of the Tactical Amphibious Vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t appear in MW3, then skins for the vehicle from MW2 are non-transferable. 

Players who don’t own Modern Warfare 2 won’t have access to base operators from MW2 in MW3. Challenges might become available for unlocking operators. Players are free to hop on to Modern Warfare 2 to unlock operators and skins at any time and bring them over to MW3. 

Wartracks music will not be ported. Developer Sledgehammer Games is also bringing back slide cancels to Modern Warfare 3, which will allow players to enjoy even more features from previous CoD games.

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