How to bring Valorant agents and skins from PC to PS5 and Xbox


With the announcement that Valorant will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, players want to know if they can bring forward all the agents and skins they’ve already unlocked on the PC version.

The Summer Game Fest announcement that Valorant will make its way over to consoles surprised many fans. While the 5v5 tactical hero shooter isn’t that different from other console games of the same genre, many assumed the game, like its Counter-Strike forerunner, would largely stay relegated to PCs. While a Chinese closed beta for Valorant Mobile started in 2023, there’s been no apparent progress toward a Western release.

Current Valorant players have many questions about how the transfer from PC to console would work. One of the most important is how the cross-progression will work and if players will get to keep their precious skins, whether free or paid. Fortunately, Riot Games has already given a definitive answer.

How to keep Valorant skins and agents from PC on the PS5 and Xbox versions

Players can sign into their Riot Games account in the PS5 version of Valorant to keep all their skins and agents from the PC version.

Carrying over acquired items is easy since players can use the same Riot ID on consoles that they use on PC. As in-game items are linked to an ID and not a device’s storage, it doesn’t matter where a player logs in to their account as they’ll have everything unlocked regardless.

Players can carry over everything includingaAgents, unlocked skins, Kingdom Credits, Riot Points, and Radianite Points between platforms. Similarly, buying something during the Valorant console beta test will let players use that skin on the game’s PC version too. 

While not explicitly confirmed, skin upgrades will likely carry over between PC, PS5, and Xbox, so Valorant players likely won’t have to unlock animations and variants multiple times. Other in-game cosmetics like sprays, player cards, and charms weren’t mentioned either.

How will Valorant’s cross-progression work on consoles?

Valorant will have cross-progression between the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC alongside the ability to retain skins and agents.

Things like the account’s level, whether the account has purchased the Battle Pass, and completed missions will also be shared between both versions. Battle Pass tiers completed on PC will be marked as complete on consoles and vice-versa.

However, players will have a separate rank and MMR when playing on either platform. This means if a player is Gold on PC, they’ll have to play their placement games again on consoles even if they log in with the same Riot ID. Similarly, an account can be Radiant rank on one platform while simultaneously being hardstuck Silver on another,

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