How to evolve Ursaring and get Ursaluna in Pokemon GO

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Ursaluna is a rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO, not because of its availability but because of the very specific method needed to evolve it.

Pokemon introduced Ursaluna in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. A forgotten evolution of Ursaring that originated in the Hisui region, Ursaluna is the third and final form of the adorable Teddiursa. The Pokemon keeps the normal typing of its predecessor and adds ground as its secondary type.

In Pokemon GO, it made its debut in November 2022 during a Community Day dedicated to Teddiursa. Shiny Ursaluna became available in Pokemon GO through its Community Day event. The Pokemon stands as a powerful option for raids and holding down gyms, if players actually know how to evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna.

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How to evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna in Pokemon GO

Ursaring can evolve into Ursaluna by using 100 candies at night during a full moon. The current lunar stage will be shown in the weather tab. This tab is located in the top right corner of the screen.

Some Pokemon must meet specific requirements before evolving to the desired form. Ursaluna is one of these Pokemon with a highly particular evolution method. Ursaluna is not normally available in the wild and cannot be hatched from an egg. The only way to obtain Ursaluna is through evolution.

It all starts with Teddiursa, which is relatively easy to find in the game. Using 50 candies, it evolves into Ursaring. From there, players need 100 candies in order to evolve Ursaring and get an Ursaluna. By keeping an eye on the lunar calendar, players can find the right moment to evolve Ursaring and get this Hisuian Pokemon.

Is Ursaluna any good?

Ursaluna is a powerful option in certain Pokemon GO raids and for protecting gyms, but struggles in PvP. At level 40, trainers can get their Ursaluna to a max CP of 3,854, making it one of the top 20 strongest Pokemon in the game based on their CP ceiling.

Despite this, Ursaluna is easily countered in PvP. As a ground-normal type, Ursaluna is weak against fighting, water, grass, and ice moves. All four of those types are common to the point where many teams will have multiple options for dealing with it.

Because of its high CP, Ursaluna is a good Pokemon to use when protecting a gym. Overall, it is a good Pokemon, but definitely not the first choice when putting together a competitive team.

Ursaluna best moves in Pokemon Go

Ursaluna’s best moveset in Pokemon GO is Tackle and High Horsepower.

STAB moves are the best options for Ursaluna in Pokemon GO. Tackle deals lower damage than its alternative but works well for Ursaluna thanks to its normal typing. The best charge move for Ursaluna is High Horsepower, a ground-type attack. It can deal significant damage and multiplies Ursaluna’s DPS.

The drawback to High Horsepower is that it requires a long time to charge. Players can offset this and get better coverage by adding Ice Punch as a second charge move, which will hit grass and flying types that resist High Horsepower for super-effective damage.

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Is Blood Moon Ursaluna in Pokemon GO?

Blood Moon form Ursaluna is not in Pokemon GO yet.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC added a new form of Ursaluna that shifts around its stats. It isn’t stronger than a typical Ursaluna, but looks absolutely terrifying.

The new form has not yet arrived in Pokemon GO. In Scarlet and Violet, Ursaluna cannot change forms freely and Ursaring will evolve into one form or the other based on the location it is evolved in. Players will likely have to evolve Ursaring into one form or the other, and won’t be able to freely change its form like they can with Furfrou.

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