How to get free PokeCoin promo codes in Pokemon GO

pokemon go pokecoins

Pokemon GO players have the chance to get promo codes for free PokeCoins directly from Niantic, if they keep on top of things.

Niantic hosts real-life events on top of the many in-game events that Pokemon GO has every month to begin with. Between spotlight hours, community days, and seasons, Pokemon GO players are always kept active. Pokemon GO Fest is a much bigger event and many people will be expecting to catch some cool Pokemon. 

Tickets for these events can cost as much as $14.99 through the Pokemon GO app. That’s a steep price tag but Niantic can be generous as well. The developer also sends out codes that can get players more PokeCoins and other limited-time items. 

How to get free PokeCoin codes from Niantic

Players can get codes for free PokeCoins directly from Niantic through the Pokemon GO newsletter. In order to get these codes, players must be signed up to receive promotional emails in the Pokemon GO app. Players can confirm they are signed up by doing the following:

  • Open Pokemon GO app
  • Open the main menu with the Poke Ball icon
  • Open the settings menu in the top right corner
  • Select “Account”
  • Enable “Email me events, offers, and updates”

Niantic sends out codes that give players up to 1,000 PokeCoins for events like Pokemon GO Fest. This is particularly helpful as it allows players to get remote raid passes, expand their storage, or even get a new avatar outfit ahead of the event. Not every Pokemon GO newsletter will include codes and not all codes are as rewarding as 1,000 free coins, but players can still get free items. Players are also able to get promotional codes in Pokemon GO by tuning in for official events.

Unfortunately, these coins cannot be redeemed for cash. They function the same as coins obtained from gyms, so purchasing event tickets still requires the use of a real-life credit card or currency stored in app stores.

pokemon go pokecoins

How to redeem a promo code in Pokemon GO

Players can redeem a promo code in Pokemon GO directly through the app’s shop or through Niantic’s website.

To redeem a code for PokeCoins or anything else in the Pokemon GO app, players can do the following:

  • Open main menu with the Poke Ball icon
  • Open the shop
  • Scroll down to the bottom and find promos banner
  • Enter code in the text window below, then hit “Redeem”

When players receive a code, they may also want to head over to the Niantic Redeem Offers website. This brings players to the Pokemon GO shop’s official website.

The site asks players to sign in, which they can do in the same way they play the game. After signing in, players can then punch in their code and then hit “redeem.” Players will have the items waiting for them in their game the next time they log on.

The browser version of the Pokemon GO shop also offers its own separate selection of limited-time boxes, which come at a steep discount relative to buying them in the app.

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