Insomniac leak reveals Wolverine gameplay, Daredevil crossover?

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Insomniac Games was recently the target of a ransomware attack, which seemingly revealed gameplay details on Marvel’s Wolverine and a possible crossover with Daredevil or Deadpool.

Insomniac Games, creators of the Marvel’s Spider-Man series for PlayStation consoles, was hacked recently by a ransomware group “Rhysida.” Though people claiming to have insider info is nothing new for video game studios, this one has proven to be much more malicious than previous supposed leaks. Rhysida leaked details related to the company and the personal information of some of its employees and is auctioning the data for $2 million in cryptocurrency.

Included in that proof was new information on the upcoming Wolverine game including screenshots that reveal gameplay details. This includes what the gameplay will look like, what sort of costume Wolverine will be wearing, and hints of which other Marvel characters might be making an appearance in the game. Insomniac’s parent company, Sony, released a statement confirming that the studio was hit by “cyber security attack,” seemingly verifying their authenticity.

What type of game will Marvel’s Wolverine be?

Based on leaks, Marvel’s Wolverine seems to be an action game with an over-the-shoulder, third-person perspective similar to the new God of War games.

While nothing has been officially shared by Insomniac, the leaked images show Wolverine with the camera closely behind his back. The leaked screenshots show Wolverine in a modernized version of his brown suit from the 1980s. It’s unclear whether this is an alternate costume or if Insomniac is opting to go with Wolverine’s classic costume.

Brown Ochre Wolverine

A picture showing Logan in regular clothes has also been leaked, with the outfit resembling the plaid attire he had in the game’s reveal trailer. This could either be from a beginning section of the game before Logan dons the mantle of Wolverine. It could also have sections where players play as Logan, similar to how the Spider-Man games have the players play as Peter Parker or Miles Morales.

Will Deadpool and Daredevil be in Insomniac’s Wolverine?

The leaked assets regarding Insomniac’s Wolverine game suggest that either Daredevil or Deadpool will appear in the game.

The leaks include low-quality pictures, making it difficult to determine who the characters are. But included in the assets are two portraits of characters that will likely be a part of the game.

What appears to be a man in a full-body outfit is seen in one, with the end of a weapon popping up over either shoulder. Both Daredevil and Deadpool fit the bill and have plenty of connections to Wolverine. The character is shown having gauntlets with a line of spikes on the wrists and is largely wearing black.

Insomniac Games previously confirmed that Spider-Man and Wolverine are set in the same universe. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has multiple Daredevil easter eggs including a “Murdock and Nelson” sign appearing on the streets and references to The Hand, a crime syndicate that is a recurring antagonist for Daredevil. 

Deadpool, meanwhile, is closely tied to Wolverine both in comics and in movies. Wolverine is confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming Deadpool 3 film and having their release dates align would benefit both companies.

Alongside the Daredevil or Deadpool character is a portrait of a woman with what appears to be a sword on her back. A “woman with a sword” in the same conversation as Daredevil naturally conjures up the idea of Elektra, but Deadpool, Daredevil, and Wolverine all have both allies and enemies that could be reimagined by Insomniac in this way. It could serve to set up a Daredevil game, but it could also potentially be Lady Deathstrike, Echo, or various other characters. Fans may have to wait until official word comes out.

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