Is a Pokemon theme park about to come to Universal Orlando?

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Universal Studios in Orlando might be set to add a Pokemon theme park to its grounds much sooner than initially expected.

It has been long rumored that a Pokemon Land area would be coming to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The Japanese location has already begun the process of opening its own attractions based on the massive gaming franchise to go alongside the popular Mario-themed area of the park. Fans in America and Canada might not need to book a trans-Pacific flight to experience the franchise in the real world, judging from reports.

This wouldn’t be the first collaboration between Universal and Nintendo, with Super Nintendo World opening in Orlando in Universal Epic Universe in 2025, a full decade after the partnership between the two companies was announced. While Super Nintendo World features Bowser, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong, the Pokemon franchise may see something similar with fan favorites like Pikachu, Eevee, and Greninja.

When will Pokemon Land open in Universal Orlando?

Pokemon Land may open before 2030, but no exact date has been given yet.

Universal currently has The Simpsons-themed attractions at its Orlando park. With The Simpsons now owned by Disney, the expectation is that the two sides will not renew any licenses to keep the animated sitcom family on the premises. Per Theme Park Stop, this could see The Simpsons scrubbed from Universal Orlando in late 2024 or early 2025.

Alongside this is the possible relocation of tent structures used for seasonal events. These two factors could combine to see Universal Orlando create America’s own Pokemon Land sooner than anticipated, with a possible opening date sooner than the originally estimated 2030.

What rides would be in the Pokemon theme park?

An AR-themed Pokemon ride may be one of the additions to Universal Studios Orlando, if a Pokemon Land becomes a reality.

This Pokemon AR adventure is set to be a part of the Japanese location. Utilizing AR technology with glasses, it is rumored that riders will be able to choose their own Pokemon companion to battle other Pokemon and trainers. The AR system will let riders use a variety of hand gestures to instruct their Pokemon to use a variety of moves, which are possibly specific to the Pokemon chosen.

According to Theme Park Stop, Pokemon Land may also have a special Poke Ball item available to purchase at the theme park, allowing fans to catch different Pokemon around the park. If the rumors are true, it could also mean that fans might have the chance to synchronize their roster with the Pokemon Land ride, allowing for the rider to use their own team.

There has been no official comment by Universal about any altered plans regarding Pokemon at its Orlando parks. These plans could still drag out for years, even if the reports are true, so aspiring trainers shouldn’t start booking flights yet.

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Written by Cassie Gardner

Cassie Gardner has been playing games since she was but a child, starting with a Game Boy when she was 5 years old. The discovery of Pokemon led to a lifelong interest in role-playing games of both the video game and tabletop varieties.

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