Is Final Fantasy 14 Mobile really happening? And could it be good?

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Recent reports suggest a mobile port of the hit MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 is in development, but how likely is it to actually be released?

Final Fantasy 14 has had a long road to redemption. The initial 2010 release was a commercial and critical failure and threatened to close the door on MMORPGs for the Final Fantasy franchise. However, the team learned from its mistakes and returned with a new and improved version. The overhaul of Final Fantasy 14 in 2013 laid the foundation for the most profitable entry in the Final Fantasy franchise.

In 2024, Final Fantasy 14 launched the Dawntrail expansion, which introduces players to the new location of Tural. With so much wind at its back, it’s no surprise if Square Enix has its sights set on a potential mobile version.

Is Final Fantasy 14 getting a mobile port?

Reports claim a Final Fantasy 14 is in development at Square Enix.

This comes from Kurakasis, a leaker who accurately broke the news on Marvel Rivals before its official announcement. Square Enix has not made an official announcement on the matter, but recent business dealings by the publisher suggest it’s possible. Square Enix’s partnership with Tencent, a company with significant ties to the mobile market, supports these claims.

The agreement began in 2018, with Square Enix and Tencent Group entering a “strategic alliance” to diversify each other’s content offerings. Very little has materialized on this since. It’s unknown how many projects may have been started but a Nier mobile game was reportedly in development, but was canceled in February 2024. Given Square Enix’s multiple canceled projects amid a major business overhaul, most of which went unannounced, the company may be keeping major projects secret.

Could Final Fantasy 14 on mobile possibly be good?

News of a Final Fantasy 14 mobile release was met with skepticism by fans of the game.

Some expressed excitement at being able to play one of the top modern MMORPGs on the go, especially given Final Fantasy 14’s large player base. A mobile push would populate the game even further, assuming the game is a proper mobile port rather than a mobile-focused remake.

Others expressed more skepticism. The biggest concern shared by these critics is the amount of buttons. Final Fantasy 14, like many MMORPGs of its era, has many spells and abilities, with most veteran players needing a keyboard to have enough buttons to use all of them. Even console players have multiple button combinations bound to their abilities. More than graphics, the biggest hurdle Square Enix likely faces is preserving Final Fantasy 14’s gameplay without dumbing it down.

Beyond its existence and creators, no other information was given on Final Fantasy 14’s possible mobile release. It’s unclear how far along it is in development, what monetization model it might use, or when it might be released.

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