Is Marvel’s Wolverine an open-world game? Leak gives the answer

More gameplay footage of Marvel’s Wolverine has been uncovered and it suggests that the game will not have an open-world.

The December 2023 Insomniac leak continues to reveal new information six months after the incident. The scale of the attack meant there are likely terabytes of information to sift through, and Insomniac fans haven’t stopped digging. One of the most popular games to dig information for is Wolverine, and quite a lot of information about the game was found this way.

From Wolverine’s cinematic trailers to fully playable alpha builds, the leaks revealed Insomniac’s exciting plans for the Canadian superhero. Many assumed Wolverine would also be an open-world game like Insomniac’s previous projects, but new gameplay footage and details reveal it may not be the case.

Will Insomniac’s Wolverine be open-world?

Leaked data suggests Wolverine will not be an open-world game.

New gameplay footage showcases Wolverine leaping through the air and claw-climbing onto walls in what comic fans believe is Madripoor, a fictional Southeast-Asian island. Other segments feature Wolverine breaking out of the Weapon X facility, a classic standby of the Wolverine mythos.

Fans reportedly found design documents calling the locations “hubs” instead of an open world. The playable alpha builds show Wolverine isn’t quite as seamlessly open as Spider-Man. The world will instead be more like moderately-sized hubs where players must accomplish missions before moving on to the next area. 

Some people criticized Wolverine’s traversal, stating it’s weird to see Wolverine leaping to the sky like Hulk so much. Others pointed out that the game is an alpha build, and seamless animations will likely be included in the final release. Still, it’s a given that Wolverine won’t be high-flying in the same way Spider-Man is.

Given how Wolverine’s not exactly known as a street-patrolling vigilante like Spider-Man, the focus on missions makes sense for a former Black Ops soldier. Still, the hub worlds offer enough space for Wolverine to leap around. It’s worth mentioning that Wolverine’s release date is farther in the future and significant changes may have happened since the initial leaks.

After all, Insomniac is no stranger to canceling or overhauling projects mid-development. The canceled multiplayer Spider-Man game is one such example. While it’s unlikely Insomniac Games will cancel Wolverine, it’s common sense to expect a massive difference between the alpha build of the game and the final release. Either way, fans won’t know more until new leaks surface. 

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