Lara Croft may come to Dead by Daylight, here’s what we know

Lara Croft from the reboot trilogy

Lara Croft may join the Dead by Daylight roster as a survivor and fans have a time frame for when they can expect her.

Dead by Daylight, the popular asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game continues to have crossover with known franchises, with the latest being the addition of Vecna and a pair of survivors based on Dungeons and Dragons. A new major crossover might be in the works.

A known leaker hinted that Lara Croft, the main protagonist of the Tomb Raider games, will join Dead by Daylight soon. Developer Behaviour Interactive gave fans a clue regarding which character will come to the game next, along with details about when players can expect the character to join.

Is Lara Croft from Tomb Raider coming to Dead by Daylight?

A known leaker implies that Lara Croft from Tomb Raider is the licensed character in the upcoming Dead by Daylight update.

In a now-deleted YouTube video’s comment, leaker Gumpy887 implied that Lara Croft will be added to the game as a survivor. When a viewer commented stating they wish for the next character to be from The Walking Dead or Tomb Raider, Gumpy887 replied “I would also have to guess Miss L.C.” 

Gumpy is a renowned leaker in the fandom and leaked that Alan Wake would join Dead by Daylight. While the leaker doesn’t outright say the next character would be Lara Croft, the initials fit the character. Another hint of the potential Tomb Raider and Dead by Daylight crossover comes from DBD developer Behaviour Interactive.

The developer stated that the next licensed character is “a character who truly embodies the meaning of Survivor.” This suggests the reboot rendition of the character might be the one to be added to Dead by Daylight. The 2013 reboot trilogy is the “Survivor Trilogy” and has some horror elements.

When will Lara Croft be playable in Dead by Daylight?

According to the official roadmap, the next character, who leaker Gumpy887 implies is Lara Croft, will join Dead by Daylight in July 2024. 

July 4, 2024, will mark the end of the Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade event, suggesting the next character might come after the event’s completion. While the roadmap doesn’t explicitly state the next character will be Tomb Raider, it does confirm the character will be a survivor and it’ll be a licensed chapter.

Lara Croft might be a long-running franchise but it doesn’t have many major antagonists who might fit the Dead by Daylight killer roster. August 2024 is slated to bring a survivor and killer combo to the game, but that slot is booked for the much-awaited Castlevania crossover confirmed to drop in that month.

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