Leaks confirm Apocalypse, Weapon X coming to Wolverine game

wolverine apocalypse

Apocalypse is set to appear in Marvel’s Wolverine, marking the iconic X-Men villain’s current-gen console debut. 

Insomniac leaks show no signs of stopping as 2024 gets underway. The studio chose not to give in to its hacker’s ransom demands. In response, leaks continue to appear in earnest. The brunt of the leaks focus on the upcoming Wolverine game. This makes sense since Wolverine is the next major title Insomniac is developing, and most of the work is focused on the Canadian antihero’s new adventure. 

The latest leaks confirm the appearance of one of 

The X-Men’s most iconic villains, Apocalypse. En Sabah Nur makes his debut in the Insomniac superhero universe, and he’s likely the most powerful character yet seen in the entire setting. This also marks Apocalypse’s first appearance as a central villain in a video game since X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, released way back in 2005.

Will Apocalypse be the main villain for Marvel’s Wolverine?

Apocalypse may very well be the main villain of Insomniac’s Wolverine, though Mr. Sinister has also been rumored for the position. The decision to have Apocalypse in Insomniac’s Wolverine is an ambitious move for the very first X-Men game by the studio. The first Spider-Man game didn’t even bring out iconic villains such as Venom until the sequel, Spider-Man 2.

wolverine apocalypse

Some fans would see this as the X-Men equivalent of Thanos for the Avengers movies.

Will Weapon X be in Marvel’s Wolverine?

The leaks also showcase the Weapon X facility, confirming the presence of Wolverine’s origin story. Whether it’s a flashback or the tutorial mission is currently unconfirmed, but we do now know that a Weapon X sequence will be included in the new Wolverine game.

Images show Wolverine battling against agents in the Weapon X facility, likely during the course of an unplanned escape. This could be evidence of Wolverine’s origin story, or it could be a sequence in which the famous character is recaptured and forced to fight his way out of the premises.

Are the rest of the X-Men in the Wolverine game?

Jean Grey is the only confirmed X-Men member to appear in the Wolverine game so far.  Of the notable X-Men members, only Jean Grey was shown to be confirmed in the game’s latest leaks. While the likes of Mystique and even Sabretooth have joined the X-Men roster at different times in the past, they have traditionally been villains opposing the mutant heroes.

The likes of Cyclops, Beast, Nightcrawler, Gambit, or Rogue are strangely absent from the leaks. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t appear at all. The data about them might have been passed over by the hacker. Alternatively, they may have the info but haven’t revealed it yet.

Either way, the appearance of Apocalypse in Insomniac’s Wolverine confirms there are big plans for the X-Men in gaming’s future.

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