LoL fans rage as solo lane Seraphine gets killed in patch 13.21

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League of Legends patch 13.21 will see Seraphine receive significant balance changes to make her a viable bot laner, and terrible anywhere else.

Originally, Riot Games intended Seraphine to be used in the mid lane but players had a different idea. The healing, shield, and crowd control on Seraphine’s kit made her a more logical choice in the bottom lane. Professional players used Seraphine as either a bot laner or a support, but rarely in the mid lane. In 2023, esports competitors opted for Seraphine mid 27 times as opposed to 97 times in the bot lane.

With Patch 13.21, Seraphine will no longer be viable as a solo laner. Changes made to her in the PBE include increased mana regeneration and base armor. The shield granted by her W, Surround Sound, is increased and will heal 5% to 7% of missing health. These changes put Seraphine on equal ground with other enchanter supports in the game like Nami and Sona.

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Unfortunately, this is accompanied by changes to base stat and growth rates as she levels up. The net effect will see her be less viable solo and likely moved into more of a support role.

LoL players unhappy with Seraphine changes

Reddit users were quick to complain about these changes on League of Legends’ subreddit.

“Another laner lost to the support role because Riot can’t balance things,” wrote a Redditor. Other Redditors shared their experience playing against good Seraphine players in the mid lane and how frustrating it can be. They claim that Seraphine is in a healthy spot and is a strong mid laner, even if Riot feels differently.

In the Korean server, where all professionals are currently playing due to Worlds 2023, Seraphine has a 0.57% pick rate in the mid lane. As an ADC, the pick rate almost triples with 1.43%. In the North American server, the top three Seraphine players, which includes one Challenger, use her as an ADC. Seraphine is usually paired with Alistar or Thresh.

The changes seem to be a response to a global preference. Players want Seraphine in the bot lane. Making a champion viable in the role the majority prefers is the right way to go.

Jinx and Vi in Arcane

When does LoL patch 13.21 come out?

League of Legends patch 13.21 goes live on October 25.

Alongside the changes to Seraphim, K’Sante is set to receive a big upgrade ahead of the character being spotlighted in the new LoL virtual band Heartsteel. Bel’Veth, Varus, and Tahm Kench are all in line for pure upgrades while Jinx and Caitlyn are getting nerfed until Arcane Season 2 comes out.

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