Loot crates are now in Escape from Tarkov, here’s how they work

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Escape from Tarkov added loot crates and a long jacket, among other tweaks, in the latest update to the game.

The realistic extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov made a name for itself with tight gunplay and PVP content. However, the game has recently been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Battlestate Games came under fire for introducing the $150 Edge of Darkness edition, which would include all future DLCs. 

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the case, as the studio recently introduced an even more expensive, $250 The Unheard Edition. The new edition launched with PVE co-op offline mode and was deemed “a feature,” not DLC. Hence, Edge of Darkness Edition players could not access the new mode. Battlestate Games isn’t done with the tinkering, as the latest update adds loot crates to the game. 

How loot crates work in Escape from Tarkov

Loot crates are exclusively given as Arena rewards and contain content already available in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov: Arena is separate from the base game and can be purchased separately. The Arena can also be played as a standalone title. The Arena game is available for the owners of Edge of Darkness and The Unheard Editions. Despite being a separate game, experience and character skill progression are shared between Arena and the main game. 

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The added loot crates are given to Tarkov players as Arena rewards, which can be taken into the main game, including all available maps. The loot crate contents are also available in the main game and are not exclusive or new to the Arena.

Players can complete daily and weekly tasks in the Arena to obtain Equipment, Weapons, Supplies, and Valuable crates. Players must have a workbench LL2 in their hideout to open the loot crates. 

The Cultist Jacket is exclusive to Unheard Edition 

The update also added the Cultist Jacket, which is exclusive to the $250 Unheard Edition of the game.

The jacket is a long coat with a hood built in. However, as the hood is already there, players won’t be able to equip a helmet with the jacket. The Cultist Jacket was promised to be in Escape from Tarkov’s The Unheard Edition and likely won’t be available through any other means, including loot crates.

Battlestate Games also adjusted how ballistic plate colliders work in the game. The update also increased the maximum protection area of the plates, which will lead to players being more tanky. A single plate will offer more protection and coverage to the players. The Patch is already live and ready to be played. 

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