Luigi’s Mansion 2 has great pre-order bonuses, which can you get?

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Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is set to have a slew of interesting pre-order bonuses, but the options vary wildly from region to region.

The 2013 Nintendo 3DS game is getting a full remake that lets players experience the original story and multiplayer mode on their TV. The original received generally strong reviews and while that alone offers an incentive for purchasing the game, Nintendo is sweetening the deal. In some regions, there are some extravagant pre-order bonuses up for grabs.

Unfortunately, depending on the place, these pre-order bonuses range from figurines to nothing. Here’s what is available, and where players will need to look.

All Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD pre-order bonuses and merch across all regions

The pre-order bonuses for Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD include figurines, desk mats, umbrellas, and more, but only in certain locations. Here’s the full breakdown of what’s available by region:

  • United States– None
  • Canada– None
  • United Kingdom– Figurine, cell phone ring
  • Ireland-Figurine, cell phone ring
  • Australia– None
  • South Korea– Umbrella, coffee mug, keychains
  • Japan– Polterpup plushie, keychains

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Nintendo is offering different bundles for Luigi’s Mansion 2. Every pre-order automatically receives a Polterpup phone ring, regardless of what bundle players choose.

The Mighty Fright bundle contains a physical copy of the Switch game as well as a Luigi figurine. The larger Spooky Scares Survival Kit bundle contains a themed coffee mug and full diorama with both Luigi and Polterpup in addition to the physical game and figurine. 

While both bundles are currently out of stock, UK players can order the diorama alongside the game. Nintendo recently announced several pre-order bonuses available exclusively in South Korea. Players who pre-order at Korean retailers can have their pick of add-ons based on where they order from

  • luigi's mansion 2 figurines
    Luigi's Mansion 2 figurines (UK+Ireland)

Though none of the UK bonuses are available, South Koreans have exclusive options from keychains to umbrellas. The umbrella is particularly eye-catching, with the same designs as the mugs but with a matching bag. Different retailers in Japan are also offering pre-order bonuses for the game, with the most notable being a combination of keychains and a Polterpup plushie from Amazon.

Those in other markets will have to do without, though.

Are there pre-order bonuses for Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD in the United States or Canada?

There are no confirmed pre-order bonuses for Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD in the United States, Canada, or Australia.

It’s possible that more countries will receive access to keychains or figurines. These pre-order bonuses are being revealed relatively close to the game’s release date so it’s possible more late-comers will arrive. Regardless, those who pre-ordered the game may want to check on their order status, given this month’s issues with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door’s delivery. 

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