PSVR 2 will be usable on PC, here’s how it will work


Government filings suggest PSVR 2 owners will soon get PC support, allowing users to use the headset on other devices.

Sony’s PlayStation VR 2, or PSVR 2, is a well-regarded piece of hardware. While it’s expensive, especially relative to the console’s price, it still offers competitive features to other VR gaming headsets at a relatively inexpensive price. VR gaming on PC is currently a significantly better experience than on PlayStation, with exclusive games like Half-Life: Alyx and mods for games like Beat Saber.

PSVR 2 headset owners will soon have the option of hooking their headsets to a PC to enjoy a more extensive game catalog. According to a certification discovered by Brad Lynch, a VR enthusiast, Sony has already made a PSVR 2 “adapter” and is preparing to sell it.

Will PSVR 2 come to PC?

According to a certification, Sony has already made a PC “adapter” for PSVR 2, which will bring native PSVR 2 support to PCs.

Sony acknowledged working on PC support for the hardware in February 2024 but offered only a vague 2024 release date. The Japanese tech giant didn’t mention how it’ll bring native PC support. The certification filed on March 27 with a South Korean regulator could easily hit Sony’s 2024 deadline for PC support.

There is no additional information available about the mysterious adaptor at the time. The unknown factors are its size, how it will connect to a PC, and its price. Sony seemingly abandoned PSVR 2 by shutting down its VR gaming studios, but the May 2024 State of Play broadcast promises more info on the hardware. Even if there are no new VR games on PlayStation 5, with PC support, PSVR 2 will live a prosperous life.

How to use PSVR 2 on PC

It’s unknown how the “adapter” will work to bring PSVR 2 support to PC, but chances are it will be a USB dongle-like device.

The PSVR 2 connects to the PlayStation 5 using a single USB Type C cable; there is no wireless connectivity here. The adapter could bring a wireless connection option, but the filing shows it will also have a USB Type C port to connect the VR headset. Sony has yet to make anything official, so details remain vague.

Sony has grand plans for VR and AR moving forward. The company also showcased how it envisions future VR headsets to make futuristic controllers a reality. It’s also keen on making moves in the mobile gaming sector and is currently investing in developing its own storefront. Bringing PSVR 2 support to PC will only make the capable headset more popular.

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