Mizkif put together a huge MMA event, here’s what happened

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Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo held his first-ever MMA event at the newly-opened Iron Forge Gym.

Mizkif’s 2024 has revolved around one thing; the Iron Forge Gym. Most of his streams have focused on workouts at the Iron Forge gym with fitness influencers such as Knut Spildrejorde and Wake Wilder. Although Mizkif admits the gym operates at a loss, he claims it’s “nothing” for such a facility.

Still, Mizkif finds innovative ways to use the gym on his streams. Recently, he has shown an interest in MMA, sparring on-air with whoever he’s collaborating with. In December 2023, Mizkif announced he wanted to organize MMA fights at the Iron Forge Gym and in March 2024, he realized that dream with his first-ever MMA event. 

Did Mizkif start an MMA promotion?

Mizkif does not own an MMA promotion, but his gym hosted the Melee Fight League. The Melee Fight League is a Texas-based MMA promotion and non-profit. The event dubbed “Melee at the Forge” saw 18 fighters go head-to-head in different weight categories.

Streamer-run combat sports events have been commonplace over recent years. This started with YouTubers Logan Paul and Jake Paul starring in a massive boxing event in 2018. The show caused a wave of celebrity boxing matches, though these have become less frequent as they have struggled to turn a profit.

In July 2023, Ian “iDubbbz” Jomha announced that the influencer-run boxing event Creator Clash 2 lost $250,000. YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren hosts a variety of events of his own and stated that his own chessboxing event lost him hundreds of thousands of dollars as well. With such a large-scale failure, other content creators interested in combat sports might start small.

Who fought in Mizkif’s MMA event?

Mizkif’s 3-hour MMA event garnered over 100,000 viewers across all platforms and included two MFL championship bouts.

The two title bouts saw Hayden Briers win the MFL bantamweight belt and JJ Smith win the MFL lightweight belt. With this event, the melding of combat sports with the online influencer space continues.

Mizkif stated that the event was sold out. With confidence in the event validated, the MFL may host future events in the Iron Forge Gym again. In Mizkif’s case, hosting an existing MMA fighting league was much less risky than iDubbbz’s Creator Clash event. Still, the event did experience some technical difficulties. 

Fans watching on Twitch noted the audio levels were inconsistent. At times, they crunched so badly that the announcers sounded unintelligible. Even so, fans and Mizkif’s fellow streamers praised the event, such as Asmongold, and implied he might be a guest in the future. While Mizkif’s gym has yet to turn a profit, events like these can only help it grow. 

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