New CS2 update brings sub-tick fix and vote-kick immunity

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Valve is finally addressing the well-known issues with sub-tick in Counter-Strike 2 in a new patch making significant gameplay changes.

The recent CS2 patch includes major changes such as sub-tick and other gameplay updates, as well as adding new features. Valve aims at improving the overall gameplay experience, addressing bugs, and adding new content with the update.

Changes to sub-tick and gameplay in CS2

The changes to sub-tick are without doubt the major highlight of the new patch, as the sub-tick input now provides consistent visual and audio feedback on the next frame. This will probably make the lag between shooting input and the resulting audio response less noticeable, if not negligible. 

Valve has synchronized the random numbers for shooting spread between clients and servers by default, ensuring accurate trajectories for tracers and decals. The developers also fixed a bug that was causing inconsistent jump heights after pressing a movement key post-jump. All told, these fixes should make most CS2 players very happy.

Apart from introducing the above changes, Valve has worked on adding some important features and general improvements to the game.

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For solo players facing tough four-player parties, the patch adds vote-kick immunity, protecting solo players from unfair removal by four-player squads. The CS Rating system now better reflects a player’s skill after a break, ensuring fairer matchmaking. 

The audio experience also receives a boost with several key improvements. Grenade bounce sounds now have a reduced audible distance, preventing them from overshadowing crucial audio cues. Enhanced occlusion filter quality creates a more realistic soundscape, while adjustments to headshot dink sounds and volume levels should contribute to a clearer and immersive experience.

Mirage changes included in latest patch

Map changes to Mirage are also a part of the latest CS2 patch. The developers at Valve have addressed clipping issues on Mirage’s palace bench as well as discrepancies in the A site’s box height, aligning the game more closely with the established CSGO standard.

The patch further introduces a host of miscellaneous improvements, including optimized blood effects for better performance, improved bomb light visibility, reduced muzzle flash when quick switching, and a more subdued kill streak HUD effect that is shown after five kills. 

A new setting, “tv_record_immediate,” allows players to control when CSTV demo recording begins, ensuring that no epic moment goes forgotten. Players can now upload workshop maps for Wingman mode, adding to the diversity of gameplay options and rounding out a patch that has most CS2 players feeling better about the game’s future.

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Written by Anuj Gupta

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