New Wonder Woman leaks detail gameplay, frame rate, and more

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Developer Monolith’s take on DC superhero Wonder Woman has been under development for some time, and new gameplay information has apparently just been leaked giving us a better look at the upcoming game.

WB announced that a Wonder Woman title is under development at The Game Awards in 2021, but since then, not much information has come out of official channels. There have been rumors of the game being a live-service title, but they were denied by WB. Recently, more leaks have come out which reveal crucial details regarding the game.

Shpeshal Nick, who has previously leaked information relating to games to the Gears of War series among other games, proposed some information on the game. This includes what fidelity and framerate the developers are targeting. Some gameplay mechanics were also brought to light to give fans a better idea of just what sort of game Wonder Woman might be.

Wonder Woman gameplay leaks

Leaks claim that Wonder Woman gameplay will include fast travel via the Invisible Jet, some limited RPG elements, and that the Lasso of Truth will be usable in combat.

The leaks claimed that the new Wonder Woman title will feature some RPG elements similar to God of War. Players can find collectibles and chests that can contain equippable armor like boots, torso gear, and brace, with all of them having unique stats attached to them. 

The game will also reportedly have players fighting mobs, mini-bosses, and standard bosses, something that is on brand for Monolith Productions when looking at its previous games. Although it was understood that the game would also feature Wonder Woman’s signature Lasso of Truth, the new leaks claim that using it feels like using webbing in Marvel’s Spider-Man, letting players throw and slam opponents while chaining together combos.

When it comes to exploring the game’s world, it’s apparently like a polished version of the traversal found in the Xbox-exclusive Crackdown games that featured a lot of verticality. There will also be the option to fast travel using the Invisible Jet for those wanting to skip all of the jumping and climbing.

Will the new Wonder Woman game be 60 FPS?

According to leaks, the new Wonder Woman game runs at only 30 FPS, though developers are working to include a 60 FPS performance mode as well.

If the leaks are to be believed, the game currently runs at 30 FPS, but developers are pushing for a 60 FPS performance mode for fans who want a smoother experience. It’s currently unclear whether or not the performance mode will make it into the game for release.

The game’s fidelity is also reportedly similar to or slightly better than 2022’s Gotham Knights. All fans have to go on regarding the visuals of the game aside from this is the official announcement trailer and the leaked game art.

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