WB claims Wonder Woman is single-player, not a live service game

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Despite recent speculations that the new Warner Bros. Wonder Woman game might be a live service game, WB has denied the assertion and insisted the title will be a more traditional single-player experience.

A video game by WB Games starring Wonder Woman was confirmed at The Game Awards in 2021, but not much official information has been shared since then. Because of WB Games’ recent job listings, many fans assumed that the game would follow the live service model, which led to the company receiving a lot of criticism.

WB has since made a statement denying this assumption and asserting the opposite. This suggests that Wonder Woman is still a single-player, open-world action game, just as the official reveal of the game had originally implied.

Will Wonder Woman be a live service game?

According to WB, Wonder Woman will be a single-player action-adventure game and there are no intentions of designing the game as a live service game.

Although Wonder Woman was first announced in 2021, there is still no official release date for the game. This long drought of Wonder Woman news, combined with WB’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League following the live service model, had many fans assuming Wonder Woman would have live service elements too. 

To refute this assumption, a WB spokesperson made an official statement to IGN in hopes of clarifying the situation, in which it was specified that Wonder Woman was still a third-person single-player game set in an open world, following an original story and featuring the popular Nemesis System.

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According to this statement, Wonder Woman will not focus on live service elements like a battle pass or an always-online requirement, and will instead work towards making the single-player story the main focus. This has many fans believing that the game might be a spiritual successor to the Batman Arkham games, something that the upcoming Suicide Squad game clearly isn’t.

Will Wonder Woman have microtransactions?

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s very likely that Wonder Woman will have microtransactions, similar to the Middle Earth games that also featured the Nemesis System.

Focusing on the single-player aspect doesn’t mean Wonder Woman won’t have any live service elements at all. According to the recent Warner Bros. Games earnings call, the company is planning on incorporating live service elements into all of its titles, with an emphasis on post-release monetization options. 

This means that even if Wonder Woman launches with an open-world single-player mode as WB is promising, there is a high chance that there will be an optional multiplayer mode with microtransactions.

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