Lies of P update just fixed the enemies that made you ragequit

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The Lies of P Update 1.3 has many small changes, but the biggest quality-of-life change makes Rising Dodge a default ability. 

Lies of P has been getting meticulous support from the developers. The first big patch for the game made bosses easier to handle and a slew of other balance changes, bug fixes, and optimizations have rolled out since. Neowiz is also keen on bringing the DLC out for now but has eyes set on the sequel down the line, too. With over 1 million copies sold in the first month, Lies of P will receive more patches and balance changes like the latest update.

However, the latest patch introduced a major shakeup to the early portions of the game. One of the most important skills in the game has been made available earlier in the story, something that will seriously alter future playthroughs.

What’s in the Lies of P update 1.3?

There are several balance changes in Lies of P Update 1.3, but the most significant change is making Rising Dodge available from the start. 

Previously, the critical ability to dodge while getting up could be unlocked in Phase 2 of the P-Organ System. While not many enemies hit players when they are down, the shovel-wielding enemies do, and they can get quite annoying. Any boss with an overhead or jump attack can also knock the players down, making them vulnerable to further attacks. Rising Dodge helps P avoid additional damage, making the punishment less harsh. 

Other balance changes include the game being easier in the early stages due to changes in the attack speeds of some enemies. Players will have increased stance break duration and more Quartz available in the early game. 

Lies of P update 1.3 combat changes 

The Lies of P Update 1.3 has plenty of combat changes, too, and the biggest change is increased damage for some weapons.

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The update also changes combat balance by giving light blades more guard regain while heavier blades gain less. The update changes the blades and handles with the Weapon Assemble system, with some heavier handles getting a faster attack speed with some blades now. The Fatal Attacks now scale with player stats, giving a damage boost in most cases. 

The most stylish change of update 1.3 is the ability to equip both a mask and an accessory in the hair. Now P can rock a hat and spectacles look while taking down enemies. NeoWiz also implemented numerous bug fixes to refine the player experience further.

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