Wonder Woman details leaked in job post, and fans won’t be happy

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Amid discussions of WB Games aggressively seeking to incorporate live-service elements into all its games, a job listing suggests that the upcoming Wonder Woman game will get this treatment.

Wonder Woman was revealed at the 2021 Game Awards with a 40-second teaser trailer. In the two years since, the only info on the game that has officially come out was pulled from the trailer’s description on YouTube trailer, which states that it will be an open-world, single-player action experience with an original story set in the DC Universe that brings back the Nemesis System from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. A leak from a developer also revealed some concept art for the game, but details have been scarce.

There were indications that the game would be consistent with the company’s gaming legacy, particularly the Batman Arkham series. But a new job listing and previous references to procedural story generation, combined with Warner Bros.’ approach to other intellectual properties like Mortal Kombat, raise questions about what Wonder Woman will look like in practice.

Will Wonder Woman be a live-service game?

Job listings from WB Games strongly suggest that Wonder Woman will incorporate live-service elements.

The recent job listing on the Warner Bros. Discovery careers website says the company is looking for people who have “experience helping maintain a live software product or game.” It’s no secret that the company is very interested in the live service model, which was acknowledged in a recent earnings call. This has been seen in games such as the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League incorporating elements such as a battle pass and an always-online requirement. This approach could also be applied to future games like Hogwarts Legacy 2.

Another job posting in 2022 noted that Wonder Woman was looking to incorporate procedural storytelling. References to “procedural content” and “procedural conversations” were used, which could refer to how the Nemesis system makes enemies react to the player’s in-game choices. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Wonder Woman will have randomized content. It could just describe how the Nemesis system adds a more personal touch to each player’s playthrough depending on their decisions. It could also mean procedurally generated levels, scenery, or items, depending on how the studio wants to support the game in the long run.

Live-service elements don’t necessarily mean disaster for the game. Games like Shadow of War garnered generally strong reviews despite including unpopular, microtransaction-focused multiplayer. Fans have been growing increasingly suspicious of WB Games despite having a strong legacy, and it will need to deliver on titles like Wonder Woman despite any live-service additions.

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