Outer Wilds for Nintendo Switch might be coming out, finally

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A Nintendo Switch port of Outer Wilds has been in limbo for some time now, but there’s a hint that the game may finally be arriving on the handheld console.

Outer Wilds, the 2019 title developed by Mobius Digital was confirmed to be getting a Nintendo Switch release during the February 2021 Nintendo Direct. The release window was estimated as Summer 2021, but fans haven’t received any new information about it in almost three years.

A post by Pyoro_X, a leaker who has beaten official sources on revealing a number of major reveals for the Nintendo Switch, has Outer Wilds fans excited. While the post doesn’t explicitly refer to the indie game in particular, many speculate that their cryptic messages and hints could only be talking about Outer Wilds.

Is the Outer Wilds Switch version still coming out?

The Outer Wilds Switch version may be coming out soon.

The act of roasting marshmallows is speculated to be referring to the cover image of Outer Wilds, which shows the silhouette of a person around a campfire. Although this was enough to convince some that the leak was referring to the Outer Wilds port. 

The Outer Wilds Title Art

While that was somewhat vague, Pyoro cited the February 2021 Nintendo Direct when asked to give more info. The Switch port was first announced during that particular Nintendo Direct event, narrowing the sights on Outer Wilds. No official word has come out from Outer Wilds publisher Annapurna Interactive, nor developer Mobius Digital.

Outer Wilds Nintendo Switch release date info

There isn’t any official release date for the Outer Wilds Nintendo Switch port, but info could come very soon.

Since the leaker is best known for stories related to Nintendo Direct events, it’s possible that the game’s Switch port might be featured in the November 14 Indie World Showcase. The showcase was announced by Nintendo just a few hours after Pyoro’s post. New information could also come during the 2023 Game Awards.

With Nintendo’s release schedule thinning around the holidays, it would make sense to release this much-awaited port of Outer Wilds sooner rather than later. In addition to the release date, it is unknown whether the Switch version will include the DLC that was released on other platforms and if this could come in the form of a “complete edition.” package. The answer will likely come soon.

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