Revelations see Tectone and Atsu drama take a dark turn

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The lingering drama between Genshin Impact streamers Atsu, also known as AsianStreamGuy, and John “Tectone” Robertson has taken a dark turn with the former discussing multiple suicide attempts and a hiatus from social media.

Across January and February 2024, Atsu and Tectone were at the center of a beef that spanned Genshin Impact’s entire social media ecosystem. Criticisms regarding the publisher’s partnerships with content creators gave way to accusations of gatekeeping and bullying in the scene. This played out publicly across Twitch and Twitter, with a long list of names becoming directly or indirectly involved.

Atsu stated he attempted to kill himself twice in the aftermath of this public dispute. After, he says he discovered that his wife was having an affair. He is now in the middle of divorce proceedings. On June 8, 2024, Atsu released a 34-page Google Doc announcing an indefinite leave from social media, revealing “secrets” from the previous controversy, and criticizing Tectone and his fandom.

Atsu discusses alleged lies involving Braxophone’s dealings with HoYoverse

Atsu accused Braxophone of lying in his accusations of gatekeeping access to HoYoverse and undermining his career.

In February 2024, Atsu stated on social media that an unspecified HoYoverse guide content creator was “manipulating” Tectone. That individual turned out to be Braxophone, who released a lengthy response accusing Atsu of undermining his career by having him precluded from events that would allow him to network with HoYoverse staff and other content creators.

Atsu responded to the accusations at the time by saying that he hadn’t made any effort to gatekeep and that Braxophone’s direct interactions with Atsu and others around him were off-putting. In his June 8, 2024 Google Doc, Atsu corroborated this with what appear to be redacted Discord logs from July 2023. The logs show Atsu saying he had no part in having Braxophone removed from an event but he had no interest in associating with him or Tectone. He also stated he hopes others “do not feel obliged to avoid people for his sake.”

He also accused Braxophone of lying regarding what impact this had on his career. In February, Atsu stated with corroborating Twitter DM screenshots that he had helped Braxophone navigate negotiations with HoYoverse regarding sponsored content. According to Atsu, Braxophone fueled the criticism by lying and stating that he had missed out on partnerships because of him. Atsu said the opposite was true, and Braxophone had secured these opportunities he supposedly missed out on.

Atsu acknowledged a “half-truth, half-lie” of his own. During a stream with Asmongold regarding the drama with Braxophone and Tectone, he said he misrepresented discussions he had with HoYoverse regarding up-and-coming content creators.

“Braxophone was on a list I gave to a HoYoverse staff member, but because of…Tectone convincing people that vouching for someone is equal to being able to control HoYoverse, I did not want to mention that I had given a list,” Atsu said.

Tectone mocks Atsu discussing suicide attempts on Twitch, Twitter

Tectone was a regular topic in Atsu’s 34-page Google Doc, discussing his desire to “create drama” and the toxicity of his following. The OTK Network streamer was quick to respond to this, referring to the document including discussions of suicide attempts as Atsu “trying to take me down with him.”

From there, Tectone broadcasted a comprehensive response to the document repeatedly referencing Atsu’s suicide attempts.

“You can’t guilt me for going live to defend my own name when you’re putting me on blast to a quarter of a million people. You can’t say ‘oh, Tectone making content out of this.’ Well then don’t bring my f—— name up. You can’t put me on blast and say ‘you can’t touch me, you can’t touch me,’” Tectone said.

He also suggested that Atsu’s discussion of suicide attempts were insincere.

“Atsu knows the attention span. He hit them with the ‘woe is me’ right at the beginning, build up the anxiety. ‘Where have I been? Oh, I’ve been really sad, feel bad for me and believe everything I say now,’” Tectone said.

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