Sneako unbanned by Twitch, but is he waiting for YouTube return?

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Controversial streamer Sneako’s Twitch channel has been reinstated, and he’s now actively looking to have be unbanned on YouTube as well.

Infamous for his content that promoted conspiracy theories and spread misinformation, Sneako got banned from Twitch and YouTube. After his 2022 YouTube ban, he turned to Twitch, only to face a similar outcome. However, after a year, Twitch has now lifted the ban.

Talking on X, Sneako confirmed that the Amazon-owned streaming platform removed his ban after a request to be reinstated. This will see Sneako return to Twitch, something that has perplexed many.

Is Sneako coming back to Twitch after being unbanned?

Sneako is seemingly set to return to Twitch now that his ban from the platform has been lifted.

Sneako says he received an email informing him that the ban had been removed and that the “correct enforcement was issued.” Now, he can resume streaming on the platform.

While he has been unbanned, Twitch may likely monitor his content closely. According to the email, Sneako has been advised to stay informed about Twitch’s TOS and community guidelines.

Is Sneako still banned by YouTube?

Sneako is still barred from posting videos on YouTube, but he is looking to be unbanned.

Sneako Youtube Ban

While a return to Twitch is likely, Sneako’s main audience was on YouTube. He amassed over 1.2 million followers before his channel was shut down. This is why, despite the Twitch unban, he’s focused on getting his YouTube channel back. Mentioning the platform, Sneako called out YouTube for banning him based on “misinformation policies”

“Hey YouTube! The misinformation policies you banned me for are no longer active. Reinstate me like Twitch!” Sneako said.

The decision on whether YouTube will follow Twitch’s lead and lift its ban remains uncertain.

Why was Sneako banned on Twitch and YouTube?

Sneako was banned on both Twitch and YouTube for violating community guidelines and other rules. Twitch did not give an explanation for its ban. In 2022, YouTube banned both of his channels for “severe and repeated violations” of their rules.

According to YouTube, Sneako’s channel was removed after he continued violating policies despite the second strike the channel received during a 90-day period. The platform didn’t specify exactly which video caused the ban, but Sneako’s misinformation, conspiracy theories, and misogynistic content were likely the primary factor. His affiliation with Andrew Tate, a self-described misogynist influencer who is facing human trafficking charges, likely didn’t help matters.

Sneako’s ban from Twitch is more mysterious, as the platform is typically even more vague with regards to its decisions. Much of Sneako’s content runs afoul of Twitch’s community guidelines. Sneako has since been unbanned from Twitch.

After his bans, he continued to post content on Rumble, but his viewer base shrank considerably after switching between platforms. A return to Twitch would still be comparatively low-key, as he has a relatively humble 18,000 followers.

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