LeBron James appearance helps Kai Cenat break Twitch record

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Kai Cenat’s sleepover Twitch stream featuring Kevin Hart was expected to rope in thousands of viewers, but it wound up breaking records with a surprise appearance from LeBron James.

Kai Cenat’s Twitch streams have become events unto themselves. Whether he’s powering through a sweaty Elden Ring marathon or giving away PlayStation 5s in disastrous fashion, he continues to impress viewers with unique content. On June 6, Kai Cenat announced that Kevin Hart would join him for a sleepover stream alongside Druski. Their previous collaboration on May 24 drew in over 300,000 live viewers, making it one of his most-watched broadcasts.

Actor Kevin Hart returning to Kai Cenat’s channel would have been a star-studded event in its own right, but the excitement reached a new level when Hart flexed his star power. This saw NBA legend LeBron James make an appearance on Kai Cenat’s stream.

Did LeBron James appear on Kai Cenat’s Twitch channel?

LeBron James did a video call with Kevin Hart while Hart was appearing on Kai Cenat’s stream. Hart held his phone up to the camera, confirming that it was legitimately the NBA star.

LeBron James and Kevin Hart go way back, but no one was expecting the star soccer player to actually pick up the call during a livestream. The shock was palpable when LeBron James not only answered the FaceTime call but also greeted the live viewers. In a mere 5 seconds, his presence caused the viewer count to double, peaking at an impressive 672,000 live viewers.

Kai Cenat didn’t get a chance to properly talk with the NBA star, but Kevin Hart’s subtle roast was enough content to make the viewers sit tight and watch the whole exchange. Kevin Hart jokingly poked fun at the Lakers’ early exit from the NBA playoffs, asking LeBron what time he was playing. In response, LeBron humorously replied that he hadn’t received his schedule yet.

Kevin Hart returns to Kai Cenat’s Twitch channel for a sleepover 

LeBron didn’t stay for long, but Kai Cenat managed to retain an average of 486,702 viewers across the 11-hour-long stream with Kevin Hart. 

While the peak was certainly due to LeBron’s surprise appearance, Kai Cenat’s collaborations with Kevin Hart are already popular with his fans. His previous most-watched stream was also with the American comedian, where Kai gifted him a stepping stool, poking fun at his height. That stream hit 371,000 viewers, breaking the record set by Kai Cenat’s Elden Ring marathon stream. 

Despite the age gap, this unusual duo has gained fame on Twitch, which suggests that fans might get the chance to see more of Kevin Hart on Kai Cenat’s channel. 

This isn’t the first time Kai Cenat has hosted notable personalities on his stream. He recently had popular singer Tyla on his Twitch stream, where he asked her out on a date but got friend-zoned instead. 

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