T1 benched Oner against Brion, why and how was it without him?

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T1 announced Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon was benched for the team’s LCK Spring Split match with Brion and replaced by Koo “Guwon” Gwan-mo. The decision left fans worried and curious over what led to the champion’s benching.  

The LCK is pushing toward the spring playoffs with teams jockeying for a spit in the Mid-Season Invitational, which can this year earn a team a direct ticket to Worlds 2024. The LCK remains a force in international competition, with the latest demonstration coming with this same T1 roster winning Worlds 2023.

Although many attribute the success of T1 last season to Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, his teammates are no less a part of the organization’s continued success. So, fans worried about the team’s chances when T1 announced Oner would be absent from a match.

Why did Oner get benched by T1 for Guwon?

T1 states that Oner could not participate in the LCK match against BRO due to health issues. It is unknown what these health issues might be, but the organization suggested he could be back in time for the next match.

In a statement on Twitter, T1 announced that Guwon would replace Oner. Guwon came from T1’s E-sports Academy, and this surprising sub meant Guwon was making his LCK debut. The reactions to Guwon’s inclusion were mixed to the organization.

Many fans said their well-wishes to Oner before moving on to discuss Guwon’s skill level. Some fans jokingly claimed that Faker’s mind control could make Guwon “play like a human” while others believe T1 should have called up Poby instead. 

T1 tops BRO bro despite Oner being subbed out

T1 won 2-0 against BRO at the LCK in a dominant match on March 2, 2024.

Guwon played well despite the last-minute sub-in. Many attribute the team’s success to Faker’s leadership, especially towards the endgame. That said, BRO has the worst performance out of any team at the Spring LCK, with a 2-10 win/loss ratio.  

Next week, T1 will face off against one of its greatest rivals, Gen.G. Unlike BRO, Gen.G’s standing equals that of T1, with 11-1.

While Guwon performed well in a professional game, Gen.G poses a far bigger threat than BRO. Although some fans criticized Oner’s plays in the past, it’s undeniable that he’s far more experienced than Guwon. Not only that, but he’s more used to T1’s team dynamics. T1 hopes Oner can return from being benched before the matchup with Gen.G. 

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