The best character from Arcane is becoming a LoL champion

ambessa medarda and mel arcane

Riot Games revealed the next two champions joining League of Legends; Ambessa Medarda from Arcane and Smolder.

On January 4, Riot revealed Smolder, the Fiery Fledgling. The young dragon from the Camavor region is designed for the ADC role. Riot shared gameplay footage, showcasing Smolder’s kit. That’s not all, though.

A fan-favorite character from Arcane is also set to join League of Legends as a playable champion. This carries big implications for Arcane Season 2‘s story and will likely foretell what this Noxian warlord is capable of.

Smolder spells, role in League of Legends

Smolder, the Fiery Fledgling is planned to be an ADC champion with spells centered around his powerful fireballs. His cheery voice lines stand in harsh contrast to Ambessa.

The new champion should be set to make good on that ADC planning, with all his abilities seemingly meant for damage. He is shown firing a series of fireballs in quick succession, launching a large fireball for AOE damage, and gaining movement speed and locking onto an enemy champion to deliver a series of attacks.

According to the developers, the goal for Smolder’s design was to create a “straightforward ADC.” This is a different approach to champion design which has seen high-skill champions like Hwei become the norm. It’s particularly refreshing for the ADC role after the likes of Aphelios and Zeri.

Smolder is the sixth champion from the Kingdom of Camavor. This region is located on an eastern continent in Runeterra. Other champions from Camavor include Gwen and Viego. While Smolder has voice lines in the game, players can hear grunts and roars from his mother. Riot Games did not share the exact release date for Smolder but it could come as soon as patch 14.2 or patch 14.3.

Who is Ambessa Medarda?

Riot revealed that Ambessa Medarda from Arcane Season 1 is coming to League of Legends after Smolder.

Ambessa Medarda is the first original Arcane character to become a playable champion in League of Legends. Ambessa is a warlord from Noxus, and the mother of Mel. Ambessa first appears in episode eight titled “Oil and Water.”

ambessa arcane

After the murder of her son Kino, Ambessa travels to Piltover looking for aid in a potential war against Kino’s killer. She hopes to get control of the Hextech weapons developed by Jayce and sponsored by Mel. Ambessa encourages Jayce to take action against the people of Zaun, resulting in an escalation of the conflict that quickly leads to both sides suing for peace.

According to the developers, Ambessa packs a heavy punch but is also a fast character. This could mean that she is designed to be a bruiser or a tank with high mobility like K’Sante.

The release date for Ambessa Medarda in League of Legends is not confirmed. Ambessa Medarda could join at the end of Spring. Ambessa is the first playable champion but not the first character from Arcane to appear in-game. Silco was part of Teamfight Tactics Set 6 Neon Nights, as a Mastermind and Scholar unit.

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