The best Pokemon to counter raid event Eevee in Scarlet & Violet

kommo-o and eevee

The seven-star Eevee Tera Raid event has begun in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and the best Pokemon to counter it was discovered almost instantly.

Mightiest Mark events have ranged in difficulty from simple to almost impossible. The first event with Charizard was easy with an appropriate Pokemon, the recent Hisuian Decidueye raid event was generally manageable, and the Mewtwo event needed exact builds and intense coordination with a full party of players. The latest Eevee raid is definitely proving to be on the easier end of that spectrum, though it’s not quite a slam dunk.

One of the most popular Pokemon to use during the Hisuian Typhlosion event was a Body Press Dachsbun. Though Dachsbun isn’t the best option here, the general strategy is the same and players can counter Eevee in this event in the same way.

Eevee Defeated

Tera Raid event Eevee moves, strategy

The Tera Raid Eevee has a moveset that includes both physical and special normal-type attacks, Bite for coverage against ghost Pokemon, and moves that drop both attack stats. Here is its full move set:

  • Double-Edge
  • Hyper Voice
  • Bite
  • Charm
  • Baby-Doll Eyes

Rather than overwhelming opponents with powerful attacks, this event Eevee is built around weakening players and ticking down the clock. It’s a cruel strategy from Game Freak, which is fooling inexperienced players who play online into a series of slow, boring defeats.

The Eevee uses both Charm and Baby-Doll Eyes to drop the offensive stats of Pokemon, and then chips away at them using Double-Edge or Hyper Voice. Bite is also available, preventing players from simply locking in a ghost Pokemon and scoring an easy win.

Thankfully, the lack of status moves and comparatively low power level means that players shouldn’t have to take one loss. There are two strategies that can easily take this Eevee down; turn those stat drops into stat boosts or don’t bother with the Attack and Sp. Attack stats.

Eevee Rewards

Best counter for Tera Raid event Eevee in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Kommo-o is the best Pokemon to counter the Tera Raid event Eevee. There are a few different options available, but Kommo-o is the easiest to get for players who have purchased the DLC and doesn’t require much of an investment. Here’s the best build for the event:

  • Level: 100
  • EVs: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 6 Sp. Defense
  • Nature: Impish
  • Ability: Soundproof
  • Tera Type: Fighting
  • Moves: Iron Defense, Body Press
  • Held Item: Shell Bell

The strategy is very simple. Body Press is a unique move that deals physical damage based on the Defense stat rather than the Attack stat. This means that the event Eevee has no way of curbing its offensive output. With three uses of Iron Defense, it’s able to hit Eevee extremely hard while also shrugging off any incoming Double-Edges. 

To beat Eevee, just use Iron Defense to get to +6 Defense, then start using Body Press. Repeat this process any time Eevee nullifies stat boosts, and it should make for a clean victory.

There are plenty of Pokemon that can combine Iron Defense and Body Press, but Kommo-o’s typing and ability make it the best true counter for this Eevee raid. As a dragon-fighting Pokemon, Kommo-o enjoys STAB on Body Press which is enhanced further after Terastalizing. The Soundproof ability makes Eevee almost harmless. The ability makes Kommo-o immune to Hyper Voice, its typing lets it resist Bite, and Iron Defense lets it effortlessly tank Double-Edge.

Galarian Zapdos

Other event Eevee counters

Annihilape, Kingambit, and Galarian Zapdos can all comfortably win solo Tera Raids. Though they aren’t necessarily the best Pokemon to counter this event Eevee, they are strong options in their own right.

The common denominator among all three Pokemon is the Defiant ability. Defiant sees the Pokemon gain a sharp boost to the Attack stat any time one of their stats is lowered. This neutralizes Charm and turns Baby-Doll Eyes into an Attack boost. Combine this with a fighting-type move like Drain Punch, Brick Break, or Thunderous Kick and a stat-boosting move like Bulk Up or Swords Dance and Eevee is easy work.

The one knock on them is that they require a bit of a buy-in from the player. Defiant is Annihilape’s hidden ability so it requires an Ability Patch or a lucky Tera Raid find, Galarian Zapdos is exclusive to Pokemon Sword and Shield’s DLC, and Kingambit needs to have a fighting Tera Type to work.

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